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Day 1B update and start of Day 2


1469949557_40364564842_d4284bdda3_o(1).thumb.jpg.c2fbc35e36b4af2c610b6dd9d7120f06.jpgWelcome to Day 2 of the Unibet Open London Main Event here at the Grosvenor Victoria casino.

Yesterday saw 202 players register and 52 of them made it through to Day 2 along with the 36 players that made it through on Day 1A.

We saw plenty of people fall short of making it to Day 2, among those were the Unibet Poker ambassadors Daiva Byrne, Ian Simpson and Rauno Tahvonen, as well as UK poker legend Willie Tann who got so close but bust just as the dealers were beginning the last three hands of the day.

Other people who fell short include three time WSOP bracelet winner Benny Glazer, and Unibet French pro Quentin Lecomte.

Out of the remaining 88 players, Jeremy Saderne takes the chip lead not just from Day 1B, but takes the overall chip lead through to Day 2. 

Unibet Poker ambassador Espen Jorstad and Unibet e-sporter Philip 'syrinxx' Schoenebaum also made it through to Day 2 and will be hoping they can make the money here in London.

Notable name stacks:

Jeremy Saderne - 302,000

Francis Foord-Brown - 292,500

Bhavin Khatri - 249,000

Marius Pertea - 230,000

Thomas Cazayous - 205,000

Espen 'UhlenPoker' Jorstad - 144,500

Philip 'syrinxx' Schoenebaum - 77,500

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Early bustouts and doubles!26573423828_6f837b2fe7_o.thumb.jpg.cf08711ed904376fd7e181bfe8016aaa.jpg

 The action has started with a bang here in London, as high roller winner Julien Sitbon busted the very first hand!

Bringing through a short stack from Day 1B, Julien found what he thought was the best spot for a double up and shoved A:Spades: 8:Spades:, only to be called by Orestis Kanakopoulos who had J:Clubs: J:Diamonds: and held.

Julien has little to be displeased about though, after winning the high roller on Thursday and winning over £40,000!

Mike 'The Bookie' Hill has had a nicer start to the Day, doubling up with A:Clubs: A:Hearts: against Juan Ares Gozalo.

Other bustouts include Sylvain Loosli, Krisztian Arvai and Augustine Nwaukoni.

We are halfway through the first level here and blinds are 1500/3000 with a 500 ante.


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Ladies having a tough time25572332947_23a6415dd6_o.thumb.jpg.abe009d1efe4755b22082c88b0695e19.jpgCatherine Igvi has busted the main event here in London after getting coolered with Q♦️ Q♣️ and running into the K♠️ K♦️ of Honglin Jiang.

The board ran out 5 3 K 7 6 and Catherine hit the rail. A standard spot for her, just unlucky to run into a better hand. She did however cash the high roller on Thursday so it's not all bad for her!

From one grim spot to another for a female player, Monica Vaka found herself in an interesting pot with British player Gary Fisher who had caught the attention of some on the feature table yesterday for his talkative nature during hands.

The hand started with a raise on the button from Monica to around 6,500, and a call in the big blind from Gary.

The flop came down: J♥️ 6♣️ 2♥️

Gary then surprisingly led out for 8,500, and Monica replied with a raise to 21,000. Gary quickly called and the turn came a 5♣️.

Gary now says "Do you want to play for it all now or keep it friendly?" To which Monica replied "It's up to you!" with a smile on her face. 

Gary then said "If it's up to me..." and led out again for 26,000. Startled and confused, Monica went into the tank. Gary kept re-itterating "you won't believe I have this hand, trust me," echoing the talking style of William Kassouf. 

Monica struggled to get her head around what was going on and after tanking for a while and having the clock called on her, she eventually folded and FIsher insinuated he might have had pocket jacks, re-inforcing this by showing the J♦️ after the hand finished. An interesting one for sure, as Monica said she also had a jack.  

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Uhlen and 'syrinxx' both busto39710749644_f5c91e81a6_o.thumb.jpg.f8f2265df6c495da5c76341a7df571a5.jpgThe Unibet representatives for this tournament are no more!

Unibet Poker ambassador Espen 'UhlenPoker' Jorstad busted the main event after whittling down to a short stack and essentially losing a flip with Q J vs 99.

And Philip 'syrinxx' Schoenebaum busted to Honglin Jiang after his top pair was no match for Jiang's flopped nut straight.

We are down to 53 players here in London with 47 getting paid, meaning the bubble is getting ever closer - only 6 eliminations away. The min cash is £1,870, and as always, updates on that will come as it happens.

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First break

We have just reached the first 15 minute break of the day here on Day 2 in London, and 51 players remain all looking to make that minimum cash of £1,870.

Only 47 of them will make that min cash, meaning that the unfortunate players to bust before that will go home with nothing. Players will return to blinds of 2500/5000, 500 ante shortly.


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We're on the bubble 

We are down to 48 players here in London. We just lost Arron Woodcock in 50th place and another bustout came from the feature table which you will be able to see on the stream when it gets up and running a little later.

Hand for hand play is now in effect as one unlucky player will be going home with nothing.


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The bubble has burst!26575347038_12ba0de5b5_o.thumb.jpg.e9c53f80da41219a45630485ca16cefc.jpg

We are down to 47 players here at the Unibet Open London Main Event and that means that everyone remaining has made at least a minimum cash of £1,870.

The unlucky bubble boy was British player David Clark after he three-bet shipped in the small blind for 57,500 after a button raise to 12,000 from Thomas Cazayous. Thomas snap called and after making sure all the other hands at the table were complete, the tournament officials got the hand going. 

Clark showed A:Hearts: Q:Spades: and Cazayous showed T:Clubs: T:Diamonds:. 

The board ran out:
K:Clubs: 7:Diamonds: T:Spades: 3:Spades: 3:Diamonds: for the TT to hold and Clark to unfortunately leave with nothing. Cazayous added to an already impressive stack to take him over 400,000.

We have now entered level 15 where blinds are 3000/6000 with a 1000 ante, and just over 40 minutes of the level remaining before the players have their next break.

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Post bubble bustouts and chip leader

Since the bubble burst, the bustouts have come thick and fast as expected.

Juan Ares Gozalo and John Wind hit the rail not long after making the money, but will be happy taking home the min cash of £1,870.

Other players out of the Main Event include Brits John Heming and Daniel Toffel, meanwhile Honglin Jiang has emerged as a monster stack after knocking three players out in the last orbit, two of which he knocked out in one hand!39542872125_fac5e38111_o.thumb.jpg.8b4efbfb629acc8c77c41d701051f44d.jpgJiang covered two players all in with K♣️ J♣️ against Jonas Ketelsen with A♥️ 7♥️ and Thomas Svendgaard with A♦️ K♦️


The board ran A♣️ T♦️ 9♣️ 4♦️ 8♣️ with Jiang scoring the nut flush and knocking out two opponents and taking his stack to a monsterous 850,000, making him at the moment an overwhelming chip leader. 

35 players remain as we edge ever closer to the final three tables where we will do a seat re-draw.


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Le Goff doubles up

Erik Le Goff has kept his main event dreams alive after doubling up through talkative player Mohammed Suhail, who a level earlier predicted that he was going to win the tournament! 

Le Goff shoved 71,000 at BB 8,000 with Q♣️ 8♣️ and Suhail re shoved with J♣️ J♦️

A board of Q♥️ 9♣️ A♠️ K♦️ 7♥️ for a pair of queens was enough for Le Goff to double and put a dint in Suhail's stack. 

32 players remain. 

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Vaka doubles up39748557234_d43c8dfb84_o.thumb.jpg.fe84c0ecd4b7f4fb398c630dd75848b3.jpg

The last remaining lady in the main event Monica Vaka has just doubled up after getting it all in with her last 95,000 with K♣️ J♦️ against the Q♠️ Q ♦️of Preben Stokkan.

Lady luck was on her side though as the flop brought 5♠️ K♥️ 6♥️ for her to take the lead with a pair of kings, and the turn 6♣️ and river 7♦️ didn't change anything and Monica doubled up to around 200,000.

Monica ran deep in Unibet Open Copenhagen last year and is doing the same again here in London.

Blinds are currently 4,000/8,000 with a 1,000 ante, midway through level 16.


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Khatri busts Vaka39748557234_d43c8dfb84_o.thumb.jpg.2e56c8e128fc347928c29f374d7e32b4.jpg


Not long after getting a much needed double up, Monica Vaka has bust the main event after getting it all in pre flop against Unibet regular Bhavin Khatri in the mother of all flips. 

After a three-bet from Bhavin and a four-bet shove from Monica, Bhavin snap called with Q Q and Monica showed A K and we were off to the races.

Unfortunately for Monica, the board came:

9 J 6 4 3 and the queens held meaning the last remaining female player has bust the tournament. A great run from her though, she takes home £2,350 for her 30th place finish. 


Bhavin Khatri on the other hand is up to 540,000. He will be hoping he can final table this event for the 3rd year in a row. Yes, you read that right. In 2016 he came 39563100835_ddba228363_o.thumb.jpg.0abd89fbbc51d6130d182b6d5711789b.jpg2nd, followed by a 5th place finish last year, accumulating cashes from those two events of over £60,000. 

We have just entered level 17 where blinds are 5,000/10,000 with a 1,000 ante.


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Saderne hits the rail

Frenchman Jeremy Saderne has busted the main event here in London, despite him starting the day as out and out chip leader. Fellow Frenchman Thomas Cazayous was the one to bust him and Saderne will take home £2,630 for his run, although he will be thinking of what could've been.


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Final three tables


39542872125_fac5e38111_o.thumb.jpg.854a245e2337c4c804c9886265a85c45.jpgWe are down to 24 players here in London, and a re-draw has been made. 

Honglin Jiang is the chip leader with Thomas Cazayous close behind. Meanwhile Bhavin Khatri who had a nice stack not long ago is down to 110,000 after losing a couple of all-ins.

Here is an updated list of the re-draw for the final three tables with stack sizes:

11Gunnar WeddeNorway398,00040
12Nicolas ProustFrance110,00011
13Jeremy PantinTrinidad and Tobago320,00032
14Thomas CazayousFrance813,00081
15Tomas MartinssonSweden217,00022
16Christopher YongUnited Kingdom489,00049
17Nicolaj BonnichsenDenmark595,00060
18Oliver WhiteUnited Kingdom373,00037
41Honglin JiangNew Zealand950,00095
42Lorenc BociAlbania540,00054
43Tony BlanchandinFrance460,00046
44Clement TripodiFrance280,00028
45Andreas WiborgNorway320,00032
46Marius PerteaRomania230,00023
47Jonathan SchumanUnited Kingdom500,00050
48Nicolas CardynFrance280,00028
51Mads ElleNorway780,00078
52Deivis RinkeviciusLithuania468,00047
53Jussi VanhanenFinland605,00061
54Laurent PolitoFrance647,00065
55Bhavin KhatriUnited Kingdom105,00011
56Erlend GrodalNorway136,00014
57Preben StokkanNorway281,00028
58Nicolay LangfeldtNorway561,00056


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Pertea hits the rail 26575345718_dc838764fd_o.thumb.jpg.0569a116dd3e140f79d23ad64a59bbae.jpg


We have returned from the dinner break here in London and we have our first casualty. 

Unibet Open Bucharest 2017 winner Marius Pertea has finished in 24th place and cashes for £2,630, but unfortunately there'll be no back to back Unibet Open wins for the Romanian.

Not long after we lost Tomas Martinsson on the feature table and he made a pay jump to £2,950 finishing in 23rd place. 22 players remain for the chance to win the £65,580 up top!

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We lose three more players!39547109475_8f096e596c_k.thumb.jpg.9af86e84a62acc4b2c88c1338cbe7e50.jpg


We are down to 20 players here at the Unibet Open London Main Event after losing Tomas Martinsson and Nicholas Proust from the feature table in seperate hands, and Nicolay Langfeldt from one of the outer tables. 

Martinsson's 8:Hearts: 8:Spades: couldn't hit against the T:Clubs: T:Spades: of Gunnar on a board of K:Clubs: 2:Hearts: K:Diamonds: 3:Spades: 7:Diamonds: and he takes home £2,950, as do Proust and Langfeldt.

Blinds are about to go up to 8,000/16,000 with a 2,000 ante.




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Sick run out for Cardyn38648468850_99b9449498_o.thumb.jpg.0e2c32b2318fd2531a7278b8196428d5.jpgAfter getting into a raising war on the flop with Tony Blanchandin, Nicolas Cardyn got it in bad with K:Spades: 9:Clubs: against the J:Diamonds: J:Spades: of Tony on a flop of 9:Hearts: 7:Spades: 4:Diamonds:

The turn put Nicolas into the lead as the K:Diamonds: fell, but his hopes were shattered by the J:Clubs: on the river and Cardyn was sent to the rail in 19th place for £3,300.


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Elle breaks the million chip mark!

Mads Elle has taken the tournament chip lead and is up to over 1,300,000 chips after a big pot against Finnish player Jussi Vanhanen.

Jussi raised to 50,000 pre flop with the blinds at 8,000/16,000 - so more than a 3x raise from the Fin, and Mads called in the BB.

Flop: A♠️ Q♥️ 4♦️ Action: check from both players.

Turn: 4♠️

Elle checks and Jussi bets 80,000 which Elle calls.

River: 3♥️

Jussi bets 150,000! And Mads Elle thinks for a little bit, perplexed at the sizing, but eventually he calls and shows A♣️ J♣️ for the winner. Jussi showed 6♦️ 6♠️ for just a pair of sixes and Elle scooped the pot.

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Carnage on the feature table!

An action flop just took place on the feature table which saw a three-way all-in and a huge pot.38652707140_a326e9dc79_o.thumb.jpg.8565d37801d0790a8ad112292c77e968.jpg

Oliver White managed to scoop a massive pot of over 800,000 when his J:Spades: 9:Diamonds: got all-in on the flop against the 9:Spades: 5:Clubs: of Jeremy Pantin and K:Hearts: 8:Clubs: of Gunnar Wedde on a flop of K:Diamonds: 9:Clubs: 9:Hearts:.


The A:Spades: turn and J:Diamonds: river confirmed that we lost Gunnar Wedde in 17th position, and Jeremy Pantin was put down to just 130,000. 

In the meantime, Jonathan Schuman managed to get saved by the river after his KK was out flopped by the TT of Tony Blanchandin when a T hit, only for the river to bring the miracle K for Schuman to get to nearly 900,000, and Blanchandin crippled down to 85,000.

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Khatri doubles up! 38648471510_1236ee2fe9_o.thumb.jpg.c397d4c5f1dc9b0e710ba9690db7d9c4.jpgBhavin Khatri has kept his back to back to back FT dreams alive after doubling through one of the top stacks in Mads Elle.

Bhavin Khatri: K♦️ Q♣️

Mads Elle: A♥️ 9♥️ 

Board: K♠️ 8♥️ 8♦️ 3♣️ 3♠️

He now has around 500,000 while Mads took a hit but still has over 1,100,000. The current tournament chip leader is Oliver White with a stack of 1,250,000, and blinds are 8,000/16,000 with a 2,000 ante.

Also, we have lost Jeremy Pantin in 16th place for £3,700 after he couldn't work it back after the chaos of losing with trip nines earlier on the feature table.


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Yong knocks out Boci

Lorenc Boci got in his last 110,000 with A♠️ T♣️ against Christopher Yong who called with 4♦️ 4♣️. A board of K♠️ J♦️ 4♥️ 2♦️ 6♣️ saw a set of fours take it for Yong who adds to his stack.

Boci heads home in 15th place which is good for a cash of £4,140.



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