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Anybody else having disconnection issues?


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If i play poker I sometimes just randomly get disconnected for like 30 seconds. 

Sometimes the client reconnects itself, but sometimes i have to close Unibet from task manager and reopen it.

I think it happens maybe once in every ~3 hours, I havent count them, because usually i can reconnect fast enough.

My internet is fine and working when the disconnects happen


This time it happened when i had played for ~5minutes and when i had 2 really good hands in process, obv didnt get to reconnect this time.


Anybody else having these issues?

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Hi @123, I have moved this post to the "Poker bug report" section so it will get looked at by one of our colleagues from the Poker department!

I can see that you timed out, apologies for the inconvenience, I've refunded you ticket now!

@theMachine, could you provide us with a hand ID or tournament ID so we can take a closer look at your account? If you have any screenshots they can help us to pinpoint the time of disconnection and refund your ticket!



Former Community Moderator
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