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BRIEF UPDATE FROM DAY 1A AND START OF DAY 1B40364564842_d4284bdda3_o.thumb.jpg.409c8aa1f885e30941e667715a00070c.jpgGood morning everyone!

Day 1B of the Unibet Open London Main Event has just begun, after a busy day yesterday in which we saw 36/147 make it through to Day 2.

Clement Tripodi had the chip lead after last night's play with stack of around 275,000.

Other notable names include Unibet Poker ambassador Espen 'UhlenPoker' Jorstad and double final tabler of this event in previous years Bhavin Khatri, who took through stacks of 144,500 and 249,000 respectively.

The high roller also concluded last night, in which we had a French feel on the FT, with three of the final four all being from France!


1090322767_39715408374_e5d1c942e2_o(1).thumb.jpg.0491191fe1f4d6723ec2f45e67e93d09.jpgEventually though, Julien Sitbon took it down and adds a high roller title to his Unibet Open Cannes victory in 2015. 

11 places were paid and the payouts were as follows:

1Julien SitbonFrance£41,850*
2Ivan DeyraFrance£34,050*
3Zack ChessesUnited Kingdom£20,050
4Damien Le GoffUnited Kingdom£14,850
5Morten MortensenDenmark£11,430
6Rauno KivilooEstonia£8,790
7Arron WoodcockUnited Kingdom£7,030
8Christopher YongUnited Kingdom£5,630
9Giuseppe ZarboItaly£4,500
10Catherine IvgyUnited Kingdom£3,910
11Kasper MellanenFinland£3,910

*Payouts after deal made Heads Up.

Notable names who have taken their seats in Day 1B include Unibet Poker ambassadors Daiva Byrne and Ian Simpson, with Rauno Tahvonen or Estonian Jesus as he's more popularly known taking his seat a little later.

Other names include Christopher Heidelbacher, UK poker legend Willie Tann and Unibet Open Bucharest final tabler Henrik Tellving.

I will try and keep regular updates on here as much as I can but they may be less frequent than previous events. But still, don't hesitate to get involved!

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Second break update

We have just reached the 2nd break here on Day 1B at the Unibet Open London Main Event and 172 out of the original 198 players remain.

Brit Thomas Stocker is leading the pack with a stack of 95,000, and Tomas Tomozi who led at the first break has grinded from 60,000 to 79,000 since the first break.

Unibet Poker ambassador Rauno Tahvonen has around 34,000, whereas Ian Simpson has battled back to around 19,000 after being down to 11,000 early on in the day.40395103122_bc6976572b_o.thumb.jpg.2a486bb50d922f79ac3afd7487a9e396.jpgNotable bustouts include Daniel Samson, Walter Buss and Unibet UK Tour Manchester winner Michael Gilbert, who couldn't utilise the the package he won by winning that leg of the UK Tour as he busted out fairly early in today's play.

Blinds when we return will be 300/600 with a 75 ante.

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Jiang up and down39542872125_fac5e38111_o.thumb.jpg.a7d42e0d6aef424c4269dd9fe2a38e7d.jpgHonglin Jiang is having a rollercoaster session on Day 1B of the Unibet Open London Main Event and was up to nearly 100,000, before firmly being brought back down to earth and losing an all-in straight away afterwards.

Firstly, he knocked out the short stack of Stephen Bean after his A6 was no match for Jiang's 99, and after that he got the most sought after spot in hold'em - AA v KK. 

The unlucky player with the KK was Martin Sejer and after a flop of A88, Sejer was pretty much out of the door already.

40395104242_e32df5ded9_o.thumb.jpg.9e2e7e0d831c668362da1d8676091377.jpgAnd most recently, Jiang called the short stack shove from Guilio Mascolo who has over $150,000 in live cashes, and had him on the ropes, as the A:Diamonds: 9:Diamonds: of Mascolo was dominated by the A:Hearts: T:Hearts: of Jiang. 

However, a board of 9:Spades: 5:Spades: 2:Clubs: 8:Clubs: 2:Diamonds: saw Mascolo double up and go from a stack of nearly 100,000, back down to 85,000.


Unfortunately for Mascolo though, he busted not long after. And other notable bustouts include WSOP three-time bracelet winner Benny Glazer, and Domien Fierens who sported questionable attire for today's play. Look at that hat! 

Jiang is still going strong, but he will be hoping he can stay on the right side of variance for the rest of the day.


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Iany is busto!IAN.thumb.jpg.7cb6496d1d90a5251fbfccf5315018a5.jpgAfter a pretty grim day for the Unibet Poker ambassadors yesterday, twitch streamer Ian Simpson has joined that trend after busting the Main Event here at the Unibet Open London. 

After a rough start and being down to between 10,000 and 19,000 for the last couple of levels, Ian thought he'd found a spot calling a shove with AQ only to be up against AK. And then with his last few chips, he shoved over a button raise with KQ, only to get called by AK. And both times of course, the AK held.

Unlucky Ian, maybe next time.

That just leaves two Unibet Poker ambassadors left in - Daiva Byrne and Rauno Tahvonen, who have 8,900 and 9,300 respectively.

So all in all it's not looking good for the ambassadors in this Unibet Open, but hopefully Daiva and Rauno can pull it back.

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King of the hill(s)

As we approach the next break here in London, more bustouts are starting to happen and more stacks are starting to take a bigger shape. 

Two people who are pushing on strongly as we delve further into Day 1B are Andrew Hills and Mike Hill - both from the UK.

Andrew is among the chip leaders with over 110,000, and Mike has a decent enough stack - he has 72,000.

Other notable stacks include Hong Wang on 100,000, high roller winner Julien Sitbon on 90,000.


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Dinner break update

Players have just returned from the dinner break to take their seats once again here on Day 1B at the Unibet Open London Main Event.


25567714427_ac1f5cc21c_o.thumb.jpg.2235f621bc9ecfb1ae0a2e1214150e34.jpgThis means that there is now no more late registration, and on the day we have had 201 entrants,taking the final number of runners to 348 over Day 1A and Day 1B.

Swede Tomas Martinsson finds himself in the chip lead going after the dinner break, while high roller winner Julien Sitbon also has a decent stack. Notable chip counts:

Tomas Martinsson - 168,000

Matt Perrins -135,000

Andrew Hills - 103,000

Mike Hills - 103,000

Julien Sitbon - 95,000

Hong Wang - 94,000

Thomas Stocker - 90,000

Quentin Lecompte - 74,000

Unibet Poker ambassadors Rauno Tahvonen and Daiva Byrne are hanging on in there with shorter stacks, holding around 15,000 and 9,000 respectively.

Blinds are now 600/1200 with a 200 ante as we enter level seven and get toward the business end of the day.

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Payouts and short update

Payouts have been confirmed after the late registration period ended, and a correction to my earlier post is that there was in fact 202 players who entered today, not 201 meaning the total number of players is 349. Someone must have super super super late regd that I didn't know about!


39542872235_67a8101fc6_o.thumb.jpg.a9a9c866f054c7e051d1b648f878091e.jpgAfter dinner bustouts include Unibet Poker ambassador Daiva Byrne who nursed a short stack for a long time. High roller winner Julien Sitbon continues to charge and has a stack of around 140,000 which puts him among the chip leaders. 

47 people will make the money wiht the payout structure as follows (in £):

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Estonian Jesus busts

24058122827_4448a11d3a_o.thumb.jpg.87253e44bfbf896d5e6e7d21a4746c3b.jpgUnibet Poker ambassador Rauno Tahvonen has bitten the dust here in the Main Event. It happened after he 3-bet all in against Unibet Open Bucharest 2017 winner Marius Pertea and got a call from the Romanian.

Rauno: K:Hearts: K:Diamonds: 

Marius: A:Spades: T:Spades:

Board: K:Clubs: J:Hearts: 7:Spades: Q:Diamonds: 4:Clubs:

So top set of Aces for Rauno no match for the broadway of Marius, who will be hoping to keep the dream of winning back to back Unibet Open's alive.


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Stack updates

There are 82 players remaining here on Day 1B, and we have just entered level eight with the blinds at 800/1600 ante 200.

Emil Brunnberg of Romanian is in the chip lead, with Unibet Open Bucharest winner Marius Pertea close behind in second, and Unibet French pro Quentin Lecomte is one of the shorter stacks, having less than starting stack after a bad run of hands.

Notable stacks:

Emil Brunnberg - 266,000

Marius Pertea - 227,000

Julien Sitbon - 170,000

Preben Stokkan - 145,000

Andrew Hills - 60,000

Quentin Lecomte - 25,000.

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Lecomte and Hills hit the rail26573426648_1ddf1127c2_o.thumb.jpg.cfae27c63d1041477d059969a68a3361.jpgUnibet sponsored French pro Quentin Lecomte and Grosvenor Casinos sponsered player Andrew Hills have both busted the Main Event of the Unibet Open London.

Lecomte lost a big pot with AQ vs QQ and then shoved in A7 with his last few big blinds, only to get called by 88 and for them to hold. 

And more recently, Hills 3-bet shoved AK suited only to run into the AA of Oystein Eileraas.

Notable stacks are as follows:

Thomas Cazayous - 315,000

Marius Pertea - 223,000

Francis Foord-Brown - 170,000

Oystein Eileraas - 165,000

Deivis Rinkevicius - 140,000


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Saderne on a charge

We are nearing the end of the day here in London, and Jeremy Saderne has just added to already impressive stack to take him over 300,000.

The hand in question was against high roller winner Julien Sidbot, after Julien raised pre to 5,000, button flatted and Jeremy three-bet to 22,000. Julien called, the button folded and we went heads up to the flop which was J♥️ 3♦️ 6♠️ 

Jeremy c-bet for 11,000, which Julien quickly called. 

Turn: 6♦️

Jeremy now puts the high roller champ all in and has him easily covered. And Julien goes into the tank for a couple of minutes, umming and ahhing over what to do. But, after pondering and saying to the table he could go either way, he eventually folds. 

After a brief chat with Sidbot, Jeremy shows his hand which was A♦️ K♦️ for A high with the turned nut flush draw, making it fairly likely that he got a better hand to fold.

The hand put Saderne over 300,000 and put Sidbot down to 60,000.

An interesting one for sure. What do you think Julien folded? 

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