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World Record Reward


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Anyone received a free bet from the Winter Games promo?

Yesterday second record was broken and again nothing for me 😞

I have placed 2 more bets since the first record and still no free bet, even in the leaderboard my points aren't updated anymore.

There are some serious bugs with this promotion rewards - it was faulty from the begining with the opt-ins disappearing from the page.

Then the profit-boosts don't work as intended, leaderboard isn't correct and it seems that everything is messed-up.

I planned to make at least 10 X €10 bets or even " go for gold " but now I'll pass.

This is another example how good ideas go bad on Unibet :sad:

And it is not so difficult to implement all the rewards into the bonus section of the site, as with some promotions (the CL bet €5 on goalscorer and receive a €5 free bet immediately). I got this one via message and the way it works is flawless. You could see the progress, requirements, date of expiry etc.

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