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As you think the winter is about to end and let the spring find its way it shows that the WeatherGod has another, more fun idea.  "We still have plenty of snow in store.  What do you think, shall we take it all and just crasch it over Sweden?"

Well done!

I do enjoy snow but not so to be out in it since my kids grew up and refuse to play. Alone in the snow sucks if you are a grown up.
I have a dog but if I play with her people´s reaction will be " Naw, be kind to the little dog!" so I rather let that be.

I stay in and I enjoy the snow trough the window. It is beautiful!

To sit and just look at the snow, not wanting to go out can make one crazy though, after a while. The medicin against that will be POKER :) I love that the snow is back and I am really going to enjoy it :)

I hope that you have got a good start of the week and that you have a great lot of fun to look forward to. :) and that you guys will lively up the community and tell me/and others  all about it :) Between snowflings and cashing in bountys I would like to read it!

Take care and have the best day of your life, so far :)


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