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Match of the Week could not opt-in


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Hi @GothMoth!
I would like to start a technical investigation on your account to try and figure out on why you can't opt in the promotions!
The issue is most probably tied to some settings in your account which have to be adjusted manually like language for example.
If you are using a VPN when accessing these promotions or are trying to play from abroad, that could limit you in accepting bonuses aswell!
I'll keep you updated as soon as I have a response to this issue!


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I'm not using VPN and the language is English(int.), but there might be something similar that causes the problems - browsers add-ons or Google DNS which I use.

At the Community Login page for example this strange message appears:
" Unfortunately we’re currently not supporting login for customers from the Netherlands. We apologize for the inconvenience."
And I'm from Bulgaria :laugh:

Also I can't watch any sports on the site:
" Live Stream not available
There was an error when starting the live stream. Please try again."

Sometimes there is a bug on the bonus page too "Something went wrong" and this is more common one, as several complaints could be found here.

As for the opting-in for the various promotions this was the first time this happens, not counting the Winter Games problem which have been resolved.
The real problem is that I don't receive the free bets almost every week and lately I didn't want to bother you because I'm aware that there are too many requests and you are only two. Trying to sort it out with the live-chat wasn't successful and I just let it go after few attempts to receive the free bets( got one I must admit). I might just stop betting because there is too much effort to get some money back and this is the thing that prevents me from losing.

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Hi @GothMoth,

your language was changed to English, giving you access to all the .com, international promotions.

I've sent the error messages and the query about DNS and Browser add-ons to be reviewed as well!

I have a good feeling about the resolution.

If I can ask you in the meantime to stop all add-ons, DNS service and try logging in, play around a bit on free money......get the feel of the site and let me know if the problems are solved!



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@RayL, @JeppeL  any update?

I changed the DNS to auto, but could not reach the site and the poker client doesn't load. That's the reason I switched to Google DNS immediately when I signed with this internet provider.

I think that maybe the add-ons/style on Mozzila is the problem because when I used chrome to place qualifying bets I received free bets, as I recall. I can't remember which browser I used last week when placing bets on CL and Winter Games though.

Now I opted-in to this week CL promo using Chrome and have placed a bet, will see if I receive the free-spins this time.


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@RayL, I was hoping I'll get the missing free bet or the refund tonight.

 I've pm'ed  @JeppeL on Friday with the details, but there is no response 😞

Anyway here is a link to the promo page :


There was announcement on the sports page "We've already given out 1 Free Bet for a World Record" but I haven't received it.

My qualifying bet placed before the record was broken:


And about the refund the details are in this thread:







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Hi @GothMoth.

I have an update for you, hope this sheds some light on the re occuring complications on your account.
Bulgaria has recently limited online gambling and in light to that, due to the licensing limitations, we can't accept new registrations comming form a BL IP!
Keeping this in mind, here is the fix that I am proposing:

  • Having registered before the country's restrictions were implemented, there is no obstacle for you to keep on playing with Unibet whatsoever untill further notice.
  • Your language was changed back in your account to English, allowing you to access all the promotions from the .com site.
  • DNS service is not an issue, feel free to use it.

The missing free bet was added and the reason that you didn't qualify for it is that the bet was under 10 euros according to our systems conversion setup (20BGN result in 8 euros, minimum for that bet would have been 25 BGN), however, I have rewarded the free bet as a goodwill gesture.
The changes in your account should allow you to accept promotions and use the site as a .com user would do but there are a handfull of custommers experiencing these exact issues (Grece, Spain, Russia), and what we offer is manually adjusting the promotions in the case that an error happens!

Let me know if I can provide anymore information or if there is anything else that needs crediting.


Former Community Moderator
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Thank you very much @RayL 😃

I know that €10 = 25BGN in most promotions, but usually there is (*Or currency equivalent) and in the Medal-Reward there is no such term. Anyway thanks again for the free bet.

What about the new world-record? It was broken ~30h ago and there is no free bet again and no announcement at the sports page this time.

I've placed 2 bets on 15th and 16th :



And I'm still missing the refund from Europa League, here is the thread about it:



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