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chrome lagged when I play unibet poker


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hello. since yesterday during my game on Unibet, when I opened a browser from tray, there are friezes for a few seconds(about 5-6).

 can you tell me what the problem? 8 gb ram, SSD, i7 processor. 

UPD: I can see, what my videoadapter(from intel), heavely loaded by unibet client(70-80%). chrome use default adapter too. I try to change on nvidia adapter, and problem seems like resolved. but, I wanna play from default adapter. please help me. 

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Chrome seems to use a lot of resources when running games in general especially if you have them open a long while.
Noticed on my pc if i leve any facebook game on it uses lots of resources, same also if watching a movie in the browser.

Also i7,ssd,gtx980.

You can exchange UO tickets again all is unicorns and rainbows in Unibet land.
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When I first became a member I had big problems with this. I asked for help from Unibet and got the advice to change to Mozilla.

I did and that was a very good advice really. Have you tried changing?

I am used to having help with everything that has to do with computer so I know really nothing, but it is worth a try if nothing els helps.

How so ever I hope you will find the answear to your lagging, good luck! :)


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Hi @salubeN
Thank you for letting us know, I have moved your post to the "Bug report" section, as I think it fits better here.
In order to better understand what's happening, could I ask you to help us out and provide a screenshot of a Direct X diagnostic and provide a Poker Log if you are using the Poker client?


Former Community Moderator
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