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Profit Boost on Ice Hockey Bug


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@GothMoth It seems very strange and I cannot replicate the error, I checked with our Customer Support department as well and they hadn't seen other reports of this issue. I've added another profit boost to your account that should work on all games and not be limited in any way.


Former Community Manager
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 @GothMoth ,

I had a look around in your acount and gound the Profit Boost, when you select the ice hockey match you would like to bet on, doesn't it show?
Are you trying to bet over 50 BGN? Let me know if you managed to place it and if I should follow up on anything!


Former Community Moderator
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@GothMoth I will have a look tomorrow and adjust it as I am currently working from home and don't have access to all the needed systems remotely.

In the meantime, could you please leave a comment with the bet ID's that need adjusting?

Thanks again for your cooperation and understanding!

Former Community Moderator
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Canada(W) - USA(W) , but the match starts in 6 hours and it looks I'll make a bet without the boost again.

Anyway I could use 3 profit-boosts for the remaining days, but i Guess You'll have to credit them manually .

The ID of the bet:


The other winning bets IDs in case they can be adjusted:

1. 1344006177

2. 1343972025

3. 1343971373

4. 1338126140

1 to 3 were placed in one day, but I would have used boost for 2 and 3 and placed one 50BGN bet instead.

As for 4 there is no need of adjustment as I have placed 65BGN.





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