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Winter Olympics - Slalom competition and Free Bet


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      As promised :) we are starting a second promotion for the winter Olympics Ladies edition.


           For the second part of the winter Olympics Community promotion we have prepared 2  bonuses 

Guessing competition:

All you have to do is guess the winner time of the Ladies Alpine Combined Slalom on February 22nd 07:00 CET to have a chance of winning 50 euro free bonus money.
The 5 community users that guessed closest to the winning time will be rewarded in the following way by receiving free bonus money:

1. 50     @Paulica1 40.5
2. 40     @Babad 38.5
3. €25     @VikingsAF 36.2
4. 20     @kacata 44.28
5. 10     @Michelle293 44.85
6. €5       @Plotinus 44:86
 Bonus wagering requirements


Free bet / how to participate / 

All you have to do is place a minimum :Cash: 5 euro cash bet :Cash: on any Ladies discipline to enter in the promotion and post a screen shot here in this thread to secure your 5 free bet!

Only the first 50 community members who follow the terms and condition will be rewarded the free bet.

Terms and conditions

-You cannot Cash Out the bet, it must be settled naturally by the sportsbook.
-No Bets placed with bonus money will be accepted.
-Only the first 50 community members will be credited 1 X 5 free bet
-One free bet per member
-We reserve the right ot take action in case of abuse.
-General Unibet Terms & Conditions apply.  

Promotion ends 25th of February 2018!




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It's impossible to understand 

question!!What you mean? Ladies Alpine Combined Slalom Winners time or slalom winners time or Downhill + Slalom winners time?

It is very simpel to understand: The name of the competition is Alpine Combined. And in that you have Downhill and Slalom. Han he asked for the time at SLALOM :)

@RayL so how it looks ? only time of Slalom or all competition (Downhill and Slalom) ?

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