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Frozen SNG games


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As several other players have reported, the 5man SNG games got frozen around 1:55 GMT tonight. Restarting the poker client several times didn't help at all.

Here is the list of the games I was taking part in that have been affected, with the signature of the game and the buyin:

sg2a568d 10 EUR
sg2a568f 25 EUR
sg2a5690 10 EUR
sg2a5691 25 EUR
sg2a568e 25 EUR
sg2a5692 25 EUR


I'd like to request a ticket reimbursment based on my tournament equity in the games as one of the games was already in the HU stage and two were three-handed.



Hope you guys can help to smooth out this kinda unpleasant situation :)

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Everything will get sorted out but you will probably need to wait 1-2 days for refunds.

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