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Olympic free bet promotion is not working (Norway)


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Norwegian site has a problem for me to enter promotion .   


Here is the screenshot :  As you can see "Meld deg på" button is missing .   I also tried to log in from mobile device , but same result.    And I can't place a bet until I am registered for the campaign .   Please fix asap and I mean asap , because the bet I want to place is tomorrow. 



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I had the same issues today - no opt-in avalable in any of the promos.

I hope my fourfold still qualifies for a free bet or better to cash it out before the last one screw me :laugh: - I've opted-in months ago, so I can't do it every week when "you are opted-in" shows.

Before placing my bets I go to the promo page and click "BET NOW" just in case, but there were missing free-bets almost every week for the past 2-3 months. I guess there might be some bug/add-on in my browser causing this.

Anyway, could I be opted-in manually too for the Winter Games promos?



No need, the pages are fine now - "You are opted-in. Good luck! "

I guess I've opted-in when I saw the offers :laugh:

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