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Ambassadors and Freerolls


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Yes it's a pain in the arse. Yes we get the freeroll hunters JUST for the password to the freerolls, but I just want to say this. It has started to become a success.

The other day Espen did his 2 freerolls on his twitch channel and the amount of people who said they were new to watching him and enjoyed the stream immensely and would be coming back to watch was great. Also asking if there were any more unibet streams they could watch. So as usual I put all of the ambassadors down. 

Lappin has reached the mile stone of over a 1000 followers on twitch, to which I think a special freeroll should be sorted to celebrate this milestone.

Giving the password out 5 minutes before the freeroll starts not only stops or limits the password going on password sites and being too lazy to actually come and find out for themselves, it also ensures that we not only have people watching the stream but stay around and watch and interact if they want to. Let's hope the freeroll hunters do stick around and do play other games on Unibet.

Massive thanks to @nmpfan @amarylle @MoreTBC and all the other mods on all the streams that help to make the twitch streams what it is.

Till the next freeroll good luck all on the felt 


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Not sure if this exists anywhere but it might be worth pinning a topic to the top of this forum with links to everyone’s streams in the first post. Only admin can edit the first post but Anyone may request their stream added. Then people can post replies when they are about to stream for those interested. I watched Ian’s the other night but I must admit I’m a bit lost and find it hard to keep up when people are streaming.

I wouldn’t join in any of the freerolls as I believe it’s unfair for someone like me who plays £100’s a session to take the chance away for someone new or down on their luck to get a score, but I would like to watch the streams more.

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