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Tourney cancellation error?


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I understand that when a tourney is cancelled because there is not enough players, everyone is removed from the lobby, and their buy in is refunded. See this attached screenshot as an example. 

DSO.thumb.GIF.a6a6c2b4e28bc74d0b564dc5cf42836b.GIFHowever, on the weekend, I regged a Gargle Blaster Sat I wanted to play. This tourney was cancelled and my buy in was refunded, but when I checked the lobby, it seemed that one player was not removed from the lobby, and it looked like he won the prize. See these screenshots taken after the tourney was cancelled:gargle2.thumb.GIF.12e5876ee8d975aec52024cc89b5f515.GIF 


3 players regged as the screenshot shows. 2 got buy ins refunded (presumably), and 1 got Prize (+ buy in refunded)?!

This is not right or fair. All customers should be treated equally, unless they have earned special treatment (e.g. done more business etc.). So if that player got a ticket + buy-in refunded, all players who regged should get a ticket too; or no-one gets one.




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