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Gargle Blaster


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Few days ago i win 25 gargle blaster ticket. I cannot use ticket, takes money. I tell support in live chat. They tell me to use 25 ticket in nano blaster,lol. I go to lc now. He tells me i already use ticket and came 3rd. I say very nice. How much i win. He says dont know. He is getting angry because i have already used it and cannot use again. I tell him i would know if i used and would be very happy with 3rd. I tell him i can see ticket in front of me and expire march 11.

How is every time a different stupid answer.

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@Leo-Unibet wrote:

@MoreTBC wrote:


I have the same issue. Won a ticket in the sat last night and it shows no available MTTs to use it. Tried regging tonights Gargle Blaster and got no popup for ticket/cash it just took cash. Looks like tickets have been set up incorrectly.

@MoreTBC @mo-sh @pittpitt It should be solved now

@Leo-Unibet still no good, but i want my 3rd prize.

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