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Advent calendar deposit bonus


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Hello, @JeppeL   @MarcoV 

On 24.12 there was a deposit bonus offer for 40e you get 20e bonus. 

So, i waited till yesterday with the deposit, simply because sport offer in december is rather bad and i would have problem with wagering and strange thing happen. It seem that i have 1(sic!) day to make the wager requirements. I make few inquiries in december in chat (both english and polish) about this bonus simply because there was TWO terms of conditions for this bonus. One in advent calendar and one in account where you activate the bonus. I dont remember which is which now, but one stated i have 30 days after the deposit and second stated that i have 60 days for clearing that bonus. And i was specifically told that 60 days are aplied to this bonus (i probably have even screenshot with that conversation but i cant find it right now).

With this in my mind i made the deposit only yesterday, cause i was told that after activating the bonus offer i have 30 days for a deposit and 60 days for wagering. Now the chat support cant find the log with the conversation i made (which are the only conversations i made in chat since 24.12, it was all about that, cause i was confused about the terms like i said earlier). I told the chat support guy just to search term 60 in my conversation and he told me he have no option to do that (LOL).

Any help would be appreciated.

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Thank you for letting us know about the issue, @jerry.

Apologies for the wrong info you've been given when you were in touch with CS last month. I managed to find the missing chat where you asked about the bonus. Looks like the agent forgot to link the chat to your account back then - this is also why the agent you spoke with today couldn't see the chat you were referring to.

I have removed the deposit bonus and added a new one with the same amount. Lowered the wagering requirements a bit since you already started using the old bonus (your total balance hasn't changed).

The pending bet will not be affected by this little change :)

Sorry for the inconvenience! :peace:

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