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How to see your bonus


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In My Account you’ll see a bonus section containing either 2 or 3 pages, depending on which country you’re from. This is due to some markets not being allowed to offer our refer a friend program.

The 1st page is an overview of your Bonus Offers:

Here you can check out your current offers, and by clicking on a bonus you’ll see more information, such as expiry date, bonus amount, wagering requirement etc.
Kindly note that in general you can only use one bonus at a time, so make sure you don’t have an active bonus before you opt in a new offer. The only scenario where you’ll be able to use two bonuses at the same time, is if you have a bonus linked to a single product (casino or sportsbook only), but since most of our bonuses are available for more than just one product, we advise you to stick with one bonus at a time.

The 2nd page shows your Active Bonuses:


In this section you’ll see all information about your current bonus, like balance, rules and wagering requirements. You can also track your wagering progression in Bonus progression details – all bets and game rounds counted towards wagering your bonus are shown here.


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