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Step it up . . .


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Hey people , I'm abit lost now. 

Yes im still a casual player with a micro staker but I'm past the beginner stage. 

Where to go from here? 

Always felt learning the odds / percentage would take the fun out of poker for me but I guess I'll need to go there. Where to start ???

Also was suggested moormans book so I'm waiting on that , any more? 

Current situation is a low roll with couple tickets left. I still make mistakes in Omaha but the good thing is they stick with me , I don't to them again. 

Variance is a fker I get that, who ever called my 3bet/4bet with 72 os  then called me shove with a crap board with 7 can fk off! Haha jammy fk hit the 2 on the river and my queens were gone. Yes this is just one hand out of hundreds , i get that not a bad beat obviously but it stuck because it was a tight table half way through MTT. 


Still, yesterday I had lot of tickets , won some SNGs and took down the Omaha Fireball for €17.50 , Wish it was more for the €2 buy in lol but man that win was a confidence booster . 

Anyway basically I need advice to progress . . . 



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Oh, when I read the title of the post I thought it's about the step it up tourneys. So the short answer is play those MTT's.:-)

As I understand you have +ROI on cash games but can't jump into higher steps, don't you? If so then no problem, start grinding. If you have a lot of tickets and don't know what to do then I recommend you to try all the great ancestors road and spend10 buyins for the €2 UO qualifiers, 10 buyins for the €1 MTT's and grind the daily cash game spins. Check the results and play the most ROI's one.

You also could accumulate your tickets and if you have at least €20 of them then exchange it to 2*€10 cash game tickets and try to clear them to cash. If you will succeed then you will get the cash if not you also can earn cash in the double trouble MTT next week.

But my best advise is to clear your mind and make a plan about what you have and what you want.

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Thanks mate. 

I only do well in Omaha if I'm patient and thinking clearly like you said. I managed to get one PLO up to 15/16 euro , then played stupidily trying new moves ,  lost one buy in. Lost another with a flip AJ suited AJ suited v trash , 3248 rainbow or sm ❤️♥️❤️. Raise , re raise . . . all in before I knew what was happening. Tilted a little chasing that lose like a bum, ticket went bust soon after so yeah , degen moves but my least I tried couple things. In Omaha I really need no distractions so I only play when I on my own from now on (like when I binked the fireball) 

Your right I need a plan. Most of my tickets are used from last night, SNGs and whatnot , balance was 98c before I played with tickets  , done well with my tickets. 

Have one spectum left (but as its a rebuy / add-on I'm go have to be super lucky without spending ) and bricked Omaha earlier with my last ticket (was chip lead with Omaha a day or so ago , got a distraction and boom , mindset gone along with chips) same today made nice double up, comfortable and then distraction and game over. 

So my plan is:

Hold off poker (only free rolls), hopefully my book arrives soon, read that, play the free rolls and spectrum and slot tourney on Sunday. 

Only play €1 games MTT  and SNGs once I read book. 

Stay away from cash games till / if roll increases. 

Its go be hard not to play games as I've played hours everyday for a while, but now I have a roll , albiet smallish , I would like to keep it at least till I've read some poker from moorman. 

Yeah step it up, clickbait.






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My advice to young aspiring players who are theoretically still on the way up is to stick to one game format until you win at a consistant clip.  If you're having troubles say at cash right now (i guess your not in your instance) then try MTT's or SNG's.  But once you find a format stick with it far longer than your br requires as it's safe money.

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@Sect7G thanks man. 

I think I'm pretty solid if in the right mind set, once I start to make bad plays then it can snow ball so I'm trying to play my A game , play every game like its my last should be good ( without the fear of BR zero dawn hanging over my shoulder) 

Really wanted to play Omaha today but the fear of losing a €4 buy in and dropping below €30 would psychologically dent me. Haha I'm weird that way. 

Always though min buy in was or can be depending on who's playing a sign of weakness, obviously it is not , especially in a swing game like Omaha, I also realised that min buyers could also be multi tablers. . . so I buy in with just €2 for today's poker fix. So strong willed I couldn't give it up for one day! Fs. Addicto. 

I leave the table with €5 though, couple nice moves in there , A raise then a check on the turn when you've hit the nuts works a treat in Omaha at micros. . . sometimes

I also share a glorious hand from the other day at omaha, flopped Quad  Kings with (KK in hand) , 3 left at table. I check down twice then got a bite, managed to get couple bucks with that scary fkn flop with not much else going for it,  those are the moments in poker that you won't forget no matter the cash. 

Rambling again! 

TLDR: I'll sticks to the €1 SNGs and €1/2 MTT omaha + min buy in Omaha. 

Just can do the free rolls the now + nanos. Just such a long time for not much , not scuffing at them , they are great , just very very time consuming. 

The Nanos are just as crazy as the freerolls, it ain't poker in there, its a flip fest with any card, high card . . . jam . . . pair . . . jam . . . I got nothing . . . jam. . . strawberry . . . jam.

Cheers for replying , any advice is good for me the now.



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Maybe throw in the odd €1/2 sat to a bigger event? Can be an excellent way to build bankroll but not only that you can reach challenge point goals which could unlock more free tickets for you. 

Also, look out for Facebook/Twitter promotions etc. I won a €25 ice giant token on Twitter last week. Well worth giving competitions a go and if your bankroll grows I’m sure your confidence at the small stakes will too.

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@Metalmore thanks man. 

I will try to mix it up , sometimes posting Herr about your goals or thoughts or even your balance, then it can add some mad pressure, dont want to come back and say I blew it

Lucky I haven't but! I'm comfortable at €2 x 2 table Omaha at the moment, swing up , swing down but the down swings albeit smallish have been my fault, not the cards , so if I can cut out the bs I'll be ok there , unless I'm just getting super lucky or I'm actually half decent, time will tell. 

Need to cut out the last of the night HU and Banzai too, crazy games. 

Bankroll at still above €30 so cool so far. 

Lost a €7 pot 3 way, sure I shouldn't have been in the hand in the first place , looking back it was terrible mistake but I flopped trip 6s and low flush draw back up , one lad was on a flush draw, after missing all my flush draws earlier ffs I said fk it, give me a fh RNG Jesus . . .  He missed his flush and I just wait for the chips to come my way with the paired board on the river , but then it hits me, the other lad went all in with trip 2 . . . hit quads on the river.

I need to stick to my rules of not flipping or ima go bust, sure some hands you can't out down, but the ones hoping for miracle card, need to lay them down, unless price is low. 

Plus mentally, ill really need to hone that in more or I'm go get buggered too. 


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