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Saturday Stack Qualifiers Change - MTTs


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Hi guys,

Based on feedback, we've changed the Saturday Stack qualifiers. 

- More qualifiers overall;

- Qualifiers on the Saturday will feed more smoothly into the €4,500 Saturday Stack.

This will give you more opportunity to qualify for this big buy-in tournament:smileyhappy:


DayTime UTC Buyin NameStack Guarantee  
Sun-Fri 15:10€ 1Saturday Stack Pre-Qualifier1,500 2x €5 ticket 
Sun-Fri16:10€ 2Saturday Stack Pre-Qualifier1,500€10 ticket 
Sun-Fri17:45€ 5Saturday Stack Pre-Qualifier1,500€25 ticket 
Sun-Fri19:10€ 10Saturday Stack Qualifier1,500€100 ticket 
Sun-Fri19:45€ 25Saturday Stack Qualifier2,000€100 ticket 
Sat 12:30€ 1Saturday Stack Pre-Qualifier1,5002x €5 ticket 
Sat 13:30€ 1Saturday Stack Pre-Qualifier1,5002x €5 ticket 
Sat 14:30€ 1Saturday Stack Pre-Qualifier1,5002x €5 ticket 
Sat 13:30€ 5Saturday Stack Pre-Qualifier1,500€25 ticket 
Sat 14:30€ 5Saturday Stack Pre-Qualifier1,500€25 ticket 
Sat 15:30€ 5Saturday Stack Pre-Qualifier1,500€25 ticket 
Sat 16:30€ 25Saturday Stack Qualifier2,000€100 ticket 
Sat 16:35€ 1Saturday Stack Pre-Qualifier last 5002x €5 ticket 
Sat 17:00€ 2Saturday Stack Pre-Qualifier last500€10 ticket 
Sat 17:15€ 5Saturday Stack Pre-Qualifier last 500€25 ticket 
Sat 17:25€ 10Saturday Stack Qualifier last chance500€100 ticket 
Sat 17:35€ 25Saturday Stack Qualifier last chance500€100 ticket 
Sat 17:45€ 10Saturday Stack Qualifier last chance500€100 ticket 
Sat 18:00€ 10Saturday Stack Flip1€100 ticket 
Sat 18:00€ 100€4,500 Saturday Stack5,000€ 4,500 
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The above looks pretty good.

Only suggestion I'd make is have some deeper playing sats that go directly to the 100.

A 25euro buy in with a 5 seat guarantee wouldn't be a bad offering if it ran 2 hours prior to the 100.  This would be a pretty good sat offering and you could then try to run the sub-sats with more 25euro tickets as prizes.

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People are encouraged to play if there are more seats guaranteed. On Saturday only, if you could set it up so that instead of tickets issued you are enterted into subsequent stage then you could set it up with 4 or 5 guaranteed €100 seats at 4:30 using both sats and freerolls. 

The other point i would make is the ss has a very long reg period. The last chance sats are clogged in a very small period of time, some should start into the late reg period. This would spread them out as well as well as increase the number of this type of tourny

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Awesome, I like it! 

One weird thing with the 10€ last chances. For some reason you can't buy into them with the 10€ Saturday Stack tickets, even though the 5€ and the 25€ last chances work with their respective tickets. The 10€ Flip seems to work with the tickets. 

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I like the idea of having two 5€ feed into the 25€. Another option would be if the 25€ doesn't start, have registration open again 15 minutes later, and repeat until start
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