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Can't log into community


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Strange sounding thread since I'm posting I know but here's how it works.


  1. Open Chrome (Yes, Chrome :))
  2. Click on Unibet Community bookmark
  3. Click on sign in
  4. Redirect to Unibet main website (Existing issue)
  5. Capture.PNG.9803f0c5e46903ffa4c1d4d8dd5284f9.PNG

I get this error on .co.uk and on .com in Chrome but not in Edge/Firefox (Which is how I'm posting.) i've not installed anything on my laptop or Chrome since the last time I looked at the forum.

So it's a bump for the old login bug taking you back to the main site and a new bug for Chrome not loading the main site.


Have you read my blog HERE... It's long isn't it :)
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@kokkini wrote:

I had also problems to log in to Unibet and Unibet community site yesterday, time was when Portugal-Wales was on, also my friends told same thing in my country

We had some login issue yesterday, affecting a small percentage of our customers. This should have been resolved now.

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