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Verification takes long


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Hi, made a withdrawl (Larger amount) on 2 of january. At the same time i uploaded the docs, as the withdrawl was put on hold. Adress and ID are the docs asked for. I logged in with "bank-id" so, sort of im already identified.

At site it says 3-5 days, in chat they told me 24-72 hours.

Gets a bit sad about the long waiting time. And chat keeps saying, "just wait".

Is it suposed to takes this long time? Can´t get in touch with security deparment either, the only one to get in touch with is chat, and they cant give me an answer.

Do i just have to wait or can i do something? I guess next step is, that i get an email saying that other docs are asked for, and the docs gets back as last i line and another waiting time of 5 days...

A bit frustrated..:(

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Thanks! Feelt so wierd that it would take this long time. Especially when i log in with bank-id. In my Eyes thats the big thing with bank-id, that you are sure that its "that person". Appriciate that you are looking up in to this..
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