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Tennis Promo Question


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Hi guys 

I,ve tried live support but just get frustrated with it

I,ve read the terms and conditions for it but was just wondering what the following meant :

  • Any winning live bets placed on mobile will receive double points.


Do live bets mean in-play bets? and if not i presume all bets made on mobile count for dbl points and do inplay bets actually count or is it just pre-match



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Live bets means all the bets which are , at the moment of placing any bets , in the Live  betting section of Unibet.I doesn't necessary means they had to be already started, but very close to it.

You can always be sure if your bet is "Live" by looking for that red "live" sign in your bet slip , just before placing a bet from mobile.Ex :


Only for this kind of winning bets from mobile you will be able to win double points.All the others without the "Live" icon, will count as normal.

Hope this helps :)


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Cheers guys


I know what you mean PSR - Thats what confused me but then in another part it says :  

  • Get double points on all winning bets you place on your mobile

I,ve pretty much given up with it anyway -

Haven,t got a clue why but i,ve had my bets restricted while betting on horses for the road to Cheltenham promo and its continued for the tennis - spend ages putting some bets togethor for some matches to watch later tonight and can,t even get more than a fiver on. It asks me to send them for approval and so far every bet (about 3) i,ve sent for approval has been rejected.

I do go on oddchecker sometimes to check i,m getting a fair price and my mate says it could be because of this but i checked my last one which got rejected and most other bookies were giving better prices so really don,t uinderstand it

I can,t even phone up to ask why as the number doesn,t seem to exist anymore

@JeppeL or any other mods on here - Is there any chance of finding out why this happens



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@joebanan Thanks a lot for bringing this to our attention, I've forwarded it to the team responsible for the promotion and they're going to have a look!

Regarding your betting options, I'm afraid there isn't much I can do, we do have market limits - Marco talks a bit about it here: https://www.unibetcommunity.com/t5/Help-Support/Stupid-limits/m-p/16530#M871.


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