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Hi guys

I've been playing for a couple of weeks now but I still don't understand the information button 100%.
Could someone clarify the screenshot number 1 and 8?

1: ?
2: Time until next level
3: Time until next break
4: Highest chip amount
5: Average chip amount
6: Lowest chip amount
7: First prize
8: Second prize, but what's between the brackets?


Thanks :)


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1 is your current position in the standings / out of these many players left (total number of players registered)

8 is how much is the next paid position ( how many players need to bust for you to get there) 

if you're not ITM 8 is the mincash, if you're itm it's the next payjump, but it bugs sometimes and it doesn't show anything or shows stuff weirdly.

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1: Your position/remaining players (total players that entered)

2: Time until next blind level and what the blinds will be

3: Time to next break

4/5/6: Highest chip count/Average chip count/lowest chip count

7: 1st place prize

8: Next payout (players remaining to get to that payout)

Have you read my blog HERE... It's long isn't it :)
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