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Dutch language issue


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I am a Belgian player  my client uses the Dutch language.

When late regging a tournament a silly wrong message appears every time.

I want to ask to change it into the right message... I'll explane....

When late regging "the tournament has already started and you can no longer register" appears with the green accept, and the red cross cancel buttons. 

in Dutch that message appears. I wanted to post the dutch scentence but i could not do that since other languages cannot be posted by the looks of it.

even goolge translate translates the scentence right!  :D

Since that is wrong (you can still register) you guys might want to change that. Also beacause there might even be players 

who decide to push the cancel button after that message. 


Another thing that annoys me a bit.

When you bust a tournament the message leave or stay as a spectator appears every..!#@!** time

Would it be possible to make that message dissapear through settings?

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