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6.66€ to Unibet Open


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Hi all!

I think that it's time to start my first poker journey ever! And now, when the year have changed to a new one, it will be time to do so.

I have been interested about poker for a long time, but always have thought that it's just funny game to me. Now I really want to follow my progress. So I will start my poker journey with 6.66e because that's what I have on my account now. If I lose all six euros and 66 cents I will continue challenge by starting with freerolls. =D

My main game will be 5 max sit and goes. Of course I will also put effort for the monthly missions and other promotions that I think will make my goals more reachable

The main goal for the journey is qualify to the last Unibet Open of the year. Another way to reach that goal is win money for the direct package. Also one goal will be to get 5000 challenge points. 

However I like to split up my journey for the pieces, so I will make goals also for every month.

January goals:

- play at least 300 Sit&go tournament

- Complete all january missions (Holdem BJ allready completed)

- Collect at least 1500 challenge points



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@FreedoM wrote:

Good luck and have fun.

Thanks =D

Yesterday I only played three sit and goes, bacause I wanted to watch Finlands U20 team hockey game. Unfortunately they lose that game. Anyway SNGs went really well and I was in the money on each of them. Today I try to play more than yesterday to reach my 300 SNG goal =D. I also play one MTT, because of the first mission.

So bankroll is now 9.99€ and 2x 1€ Mtt tickets

I forgot to mention my two 1€ mtt tickets in the opening message


Tournament results: 


January goals progress: 

- 3/300 SNGs played

- 0/5 missions completed

- 27/1500 challenge points collected 

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3. January

1277244018_5etiksu.PNG.0d0eefe85f3bbf535f80127435803a95.PNGYesterday was horrible poker day on my mind. I almost tilted because of stupid SNG challenge. Reason for that was that I played twenty SNGs and I complete only one challenge. I only lose 1€ on those SNGs anyway so now I think that was good result. I also have a huge problem when I play 3 tables at the same time.  When I play two tables at the same time it's much easier. How can I ever learn to focus on three table at same time?

I also had to play one MTT because of the first mission. I decided to play 5e ticket quolifer and result was nice: Check on the left side of the post. 😏 That win means I completed MTT Cash part of the first mission. I will exchange that ticket for 5x SNG tickets. 


 Today I need to play one MTT tournament to complete first mission. I also have ticket to 500e betting freeroll.

3.1 Results:


January goals Progress:

  • SNG played 23/300
  • Challenge points 61/1500
  • Missions completed 0/5






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First week of the year is over. I'm happy about how my bankroll have increase, but disapointed how little I played. I think that at the weekend I have a lot of time to play, as I had, but when there was time to play I rather watch netflix or played with playstation.

Anyway I think I have played 3 MTTs in this week (+ some freerolls which give me 2 or 4 cents).

  • 1e - 5e ticket quolifier - won 5e ticket which I exchanged to 1e SNG tickets
  • 1e - 50e Singularity - won nothing
  • 1e - Bounty tourney - won about 7e including bounties

Oops, almost forget, also won 9e from the Decembers mission freerolls.

So first weeks MTT result was something like +21e. I don't follow MTT results so faithfully, because I only play them if I need to comblete mission or somethin like that.


I think that I'm doing pretty good in 1e SNGs. I think I have value there. I played only 38 SNGs on this week. My goal was 75 :(   I made profit on those 14,86e. I think it's good result for me. Here is my first weeks all SNG results. I try to play at least 75 SNGs next week.


 I have complete two mission now and third needs only one bounty to get. I also made one bet today to get that ticket for tomorrows betting freeroll. I made that bet for jaxonville jaguars @1.24 to beat buffalo bills. They done it so I get that ticket and some extra cash for bankroll.

After all bankroll increased from 6.66e to 43.16€ 

January Goals:

  • 38/300 SNG played
  • 140/1500 challenge points collected
  • 2/5 Missions completed



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I have not played a lot at the week, because I have been busy with my work and school  things.

I only played MTTs before friday:

  • Betting Freeroll -> 2e MTT ticket
  • 2x 1€ Bounty MTT -> 0e
  • 2e Bounty MTT -> I took one head and complited third mission

Yesterday I decide to play some cash games because I thouhgt it sure is the faster way to me to get those UBO spins Anyway, that was bad decision. I lost 14.71€. So note myself. Cash games only for missions! I got two UBO spins and some challenge points, but not worth it!

After that I started play SNGs. I think I was in the little tilt so I tried to play six table at the same time (normally I play 2-3 at the same time) to get that third UBO spin faster. Anyway I played 10 SNGs and won 3 of them, so I lost 0.49€. 

After that I make my worst decision and started to play some slots... lost about 10e before I realise what I'm doing and end that madness.

So At the beginning of the week my bankroll was 43.16€. Now it ia 20.04€.

Today I will play only SNGs, maybe small MTT or two if I want to. Yesterday I won one Freeroll ticket from the UBO slot, Today I try to get all three spins with SNGs to get more those tickets. Looking for sundays freeroll ;)

January Goals:

  • SNGs played 48/300
  • Challenge points collected 604/1500
  • Missions completed 3/5


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@Kitch wrote:

Seems your are better are just concentrating on your SNG game , still have over two weeks to complete the missions, so no rush there.


Could not agree you more :D

So today I sit to tables and I sticked in the plan to play only SNGs. My plan was to play 15 SNGs at the morning and 15 in the evening, but when I got 15 SNGs played they was going so well so I decided to play more at the morning. So I played 5 more SNGs and out of the money all of them of course :D

So in the evening I played only ten SNGs. I also played Uhlens twitch freeroll, but got nothing from there. Anyway 30 SNGs today and 3,25€ profit. I got all three spins and one extra because of some reason, I don't know why. Anyway, I didn't win anything with them.

Bankroll: 23,29€

January goals:

  • 78/300 SNGs played
  • 794/1500 Challenge point collected
  • 3/5 missions completed

Tonight I will watch Eagles vs Falcons from the NFL. I think thight game coming up. 

For tomorrow I have 5e spectrum ticket to use. Also If I can get atleast two those 0,01€ tickets from the UBO slot I will play Slot freeroll tomorrow. I try to play 30 SNGs tomorow like today.



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@psrquack wrote:

My plan is playing the Spectrum tomorrow also. I think that will be a little community reunion thanks to the free ticket. Do you mind use the rebuy or addon option to or will go with one bullet?

I hope, I can survive without rebuy. I need to think about add-on when the time is on, but it is also big hole in my bankroll, if I do not cash in the tournament.

@4soul wrote:

You think it's the time for that? Big boost if..... GL!

I hope so, but one of my two eyes will be watching steelers vs jaguars game ;)


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I have not uptadet the blog, because I have not played a lot. I didn't even play that 5€ spectrum touney. I missed it because I thought it will start two hours later.

On Wednesday I played ten SNGs with disapointing results. I lost 2,09€ on those tournaments.

On friday I made ahuge bet if you compare it to my bankroll, I only made it because unibet offered me 10€ free bet and if  I lose it I only need to play that bonus money once to get it back for poker. That bet was success. :D 15e boost to my bankroll, TZIZING!

chema.PNG.6417d1a2c1b994414b4b800f5cc4876e.PNGToday I jump to tables again I played 30 SNGs with 4,86€ profit. I played 20 of them at the morning and ten of them in the evening.

I also played that spectrum tourney today which I forgot last sunday. I finished it 48th place and got 19,67€. Nice boost to my bankroll :d





Here is my last two weeks SNGs:










































January goals:

  • SNGs played 118/300
  • Challenge points collected 945/1500
  • Missions completed 3/5

Bankroll: 61,95€

Little bet for tonights NFL games:




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22.1 SNGs:21.1.PNG.60691f8f691571de1f5bfdba9cfd1807.PNG

I also played 500e betting freeroll, but busted it about 15 minutes after the start time. I got 1e MTT ticket from the challenges and 0,01e unibet freeroll ticket from the slot. Tomorrow I will get 10e PLO ticket from the missions. I will exchange that for 10 x 1e SNG tickets.  I made 1e bet for Roberto Firminos goal to liverpools game, I lost the bet. I think I need to have at least 100e on the bankroll before I jump to 2e SNGs.

  1. Janaury goals
  2. 148/300 SNGs played
  3. 1147/1500 challenge pints collected
  4. 3/5 missions completed

Bankroll: 69,54€



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Another day at the tables is over and again nice winning day. I played 30 SNGs again. They goes pretty well, but at the end I think I didn't play my A-game and it correlated to results. I really need to think is it better play less than get that last UO spin. I also think that variance was on my side today, because I won lot of important pots even I was behind some times. Anyway I'm really happy that day after day I can increase my bankroll.UO spins and missions

UO spins and missions

So, today I spin four times that one-handed robber and I got my best results so far, 50 bonuspoints from one spin and 4e PLO ticket with another. Two others didn't give me anything. Anyway, I was happy with those, it's still a slot.I also complited last two missions of the January. 4th gave me 10e PLO ticket and 5th one gave me mission special ticket. One part of the 5th mission was douple up on banzai and I got it fast and some extra also. 1e -> 3,81e. Now I have both Mission special tickets and Fourth of February will be a day I douple or triple my bankroll, because I'm gonna win those tournaments =)I exchanged those PLO tickets to 14x 1e SNG tickets. I think I'm getting really close the step when I leave 1e SNGs and jump to 2e SNGs. 



  • Bankroll: 79,09e
  • Tickets: 14x 1e SNG tickets, 2x 0,01e UO tickets, both mission special tickets

January Goals:

  • SNGs played 178/300
  • Challenge points collected 1267/1500
  • Missions completed 5/5 :Thumbsup:







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24.1.PNG.d86ebc69a047f5666ff6b2870f220328.PNG24.1 - Bad day at the office

If yesterday variance was on my side today it really wasn't. I feel like I lost every single flip and people cracked my hands all over again. Of course I can't blame only variance, I'm pretty sure I also suck myself today. 40 SNGs 8 buy-ins down... Luckily I played 14 of those with tickets so this day don't correlate so badly to my bankroll. In fact bankroll increased today, I just don't have 14 SNG tickets anymore.

I got one 0,01e ticket from the slot. I have three of them now so I think I will play that freeroll on Sunday.

  1. Bankroll: 85,23e
  2. Tickets: 3x 0,01e Slot tickets, 1000e and 3000e mission special tickets


  1. January Goals:
  2. 218/300 SNG played
  3. 1490/1500 challenge points collected
  4. 5/5 missions completed :Thumbsup:


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25.1.PNG.a652a6f35ffad4acceebf9906d5dd063.PNG@FreedoM wrote:

@Sienimyrkytys Nice the bankroll is growing. Keep it up. Much luck.

Yea, I hope I can increase it to 100e at the end of the month so I can jump to 2€ SNGs on the beginning of February.


Today I played 30 SNGs again I started playing three tables at the same time but because results weas so bad I deside to drop my tables to two After that my results we're much better.

I also played DaVitsche's both tournament. I drop from the freeroll after 15 minutes. In 1e bounty hunter I finished 31/93 -> -1e. I really like all of unibet's streamers.

I got four UO spins today, but didn't get anything with those. I also changed 300 bonus points to 3x 1e SNG tickets,

  • Bankroll: 88,89€
  • Tickets: 3x 0,01e UO slot tickets, both Mission special tickets

January goals:

  • 248/300 SNGs played
  • 1594/1500 challenge points collected :Thumbsup:
  • 5/5 missions completed :Thumbsup:


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1391206479_stepup.thumb.PNG.b4c60a5cf73dab7fb27c28f8be026e15.PNGLEVEL COMPLETED

I finally completed first level (1e SNGs).

Bankroll now 100,40e which is 50 buyins to 2e SNGs. So today I jump to those games. 

RULE TO MYSELF: If my bankroll drop down to 80e, I need to go back to 1e SNGs. (If this happens and I try to forget it, please someone remind me). :Laugh:


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27.1 - Grazy pokerday!


26.1.PNG.c8132ddfc4fb1e5ace22a74fb81c86f3.PNGToday I started to play 1e SNGs like every other day. I was pretty close to jump to 2e SNGs. Pokergods was on my side and I got really great results on those 1e SNGs. I jump to 2e SNGs and they went pretty well aswell.

At the evening I just wanted to play Ians giveaway freeroll, but I accidently register to 250e UO quolifer. I was pretty angry to myself, but that is what you got if you try to play 3 SNGs, whatch Ians stream and register to tournament at the same time. So after that I just thougt that all I can do is play as well as I can. I felt like a little goldenfish on the ocean swimming on same waters with all those sharks. I have never played tournament, which have that big buyin. So of course I was scare to play. Anyway I got that 250e UO quolifiet ticket from that tour!!

I really don't know what I'm going to do with that ticket. My project is to get quolified to last UO of the year, so maybe I exchange that ticket to smaller and  start building seperated UO bankroll. I have understood that UO tickets is not possible to exchange to ''normal tickets'' for example SNG tickets, I'm I right?

I tried to play SNGs at the same time with that UO quolifier tournament, and you can see the results from the picture on the left (last 6 SNGs). Anyway, nice results from the SNGs today 17.00€. Bankroll got huge damage today, because of the accidently register to tournament, that had 50e buyin. I got one 0,01e ticket from the slot today.

  • Bankroll: 60,22€
  • Tickets: 4 x 0,01€ slot tickets, both mission special tickets, 250€ UO ticket

January goals:

  • 278/300 SNGs played
  • 2324/1500 challenge points collected
  • 5/5 missions completed




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January summary

SNGs  played:

  • total: 315 games
  • 1e SNGs: 305 games -> profit 41,87e -> roi 13,7%
  • 2e SNGs: 10 games -> profit 8,49e -> roi 42,4%
  • ITM: 90/305 -> 29,5%

what you guys think, how many games I need to play to make those rois credible? I have heard that I need to play thousands of SNGs before man can say he is winning player in those games.

Playing days: 14

  • Winning days 9
  • Losing days 5

I started my project in january first with bankroll 6.66€, now my bankroll is 61,44€ so total profit of the month 54,78€ + 250e unibet open ticket. In february I try to follow all games not only SNGs

So february

I scored to every goal in january so I think I should make those goals smaller which more SNGs and more challenge points.

February goals

  • 350 SNGs
  • 15 UO quolifier tournaments
  • reach 5000 challenge points, I got 2532 at the moment
  • All missions
  • Bankroll at least 120€ at the end of the month
  • Complite all missions


  • Bankroll: 61,44€
  • UO tickets: 40 x 2€ tickets, 50e ticket, worth of 130e tickets missing, but I believe I get them form unibet soon.
  • Tickets: 1000e mission ticket, 3000e mission ticket

Lets go!!





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