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Time to Promote the Community idea.


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@JeppeL @MarcoV @Fredrik-Unibet

I understand that many like to play Poker and from what I see it is high activety on Poker and Sport on this Community.

What about making a Casino Tournament for only members, like Unibet Community Tournament, winner`s get a cash price , rank is upp to you but make it a average over 20 rounds, calculated based on "stake".

Also give a heads upp since many do have income\salery diffrent day in a month.

I know a loot dont approve since they are selfexcluded from Casino but hey I dont like the "poker-style" currently att Unibet....just me ;)

Anyway it would draw attention when players see that to enter a Casino Tournament you need to be a member of Community :)

Maybe we get some fresh "blood" here to, always nice.....

If you like the idea, just hit the Like button, the more likes, the more high is the chanse it wil happen :)

Hope all members enjoy the new yaer with new possibillity`s :)

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Nothing is impossible, the impossible only take some time.
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Not just about poker but gut feeling is that 80-90 % of the posts are poker related. But it´s not community fault if members don´t post more about betting, slots... it´s up to us. But then again i don´t know if those customers, that don´t play poker, find they way to here. So maybe some promotions/banners in mainsite would help community to get more action in other sectionn too :)

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Everyone thats liked this post could go make an intresting post in another section other than poker or come up with ideas to get more posts in them, sure the mods would be glad of anyone helping to build up any other section on the site.

I did slot of the week ages ago to try help get more action in the casino section.

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You can exchange UO tickets again all is unicorns and rainbows in Unibet land.
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I’ve tried many poker site bifore I came here and my favourite waz (no offence pls) poker stars just because they have a amazing poker school and league.

today waz going to be my 2ème mouth in the league I waz doing great but they shut down the league technical problems I bet there waz 100,000 registered players Maby it’s a opportunity fore Unibet to lunch massive promotions I waz able to play and learn fore free whit great rewards message me if any questions 

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@jonny2192  i understand the whole idea...no note no tag,changing alias whenever you want !

it won't be unfair to be able to tag a poker player red green yellow for at least the time your are playing with him...15 minutes 30 minutes !! while multitabling it is very helpfull !

if the color tag can stay even after changing alias...even better

imo this is what makes poker....poker !  


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evolve from now on ? loll

so adding a color panel tag would make it predatory poker ? wow ! i think  it is the bear minimum to regnonize your opponents when is't time to act while multi-tabling!

i never played whit hud even when everybody did it , so this type of poker predator is not my thing...i beated them anyways for whatever reason !   

whitout any-way to regnonize your opponents , I maintain my point...is it less poker than poker !






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