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€100 to Vegas


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Hi everyone my name is Kyle, I have decided to start a challenge of turning 100 into 10,000 before 2019 to go to Vegas with when I turn 21.


Poker History


When I was 18 years old I first discovered poker but didn’t take it too seriously and mostly played freerolls and 1$ tournaments. One day this all changed when i came 2nd in a freeroll with 8000 players for $187. I was ecstatic with the result and I knew right then I wanted to do this for a living. I started playing microstakes cash with my winnings but went on a very bad losing streak over several weeks until i was busto again.


Shortly after this I deposited £50 over the Christmas holidays and went on an unbelievable hot streak, where I won almost everyday for 3 weeks straight and built up a £5000 bankroll. It all seemed so easy and i started thinking this would go on forever and I couldn’t be beaten. I upped the stakes and started playing 200nl thinking I was the best in the world. However my luck ran out and I went on a big downswing caused by a vicious circle of losing, tilting and playing higher and higher stakes. The nits triumphed and took it all back putting me back to 0 and leaving me devastated:waterfall:.


After a couple of weeks of mourning my losses and figuring out where it all went wrong I started studying by watching videos and realised how many leaks I had. Once I regained my confidence I composed myself and got back to business. I made another small deposit and over the next 2 months ran hot again winning a tournament for $3000, crushed the cash games and had a £7000 bankroll. This time I spent a lot of money travelling, buying clothes and whatever else I wanted, which was fun until I looked back at my bank account :waterfall:. I hit another downswing shortly after and i was back to busto yet again.


I discovered Unibet at this point, crushed the low stakes cash games and tournaments getting my bankroll up to £2200 which is my current bankroll. I’m planning to use most of my current bankroll to travel with and is why it’s the perfect time for me to start this challenge. I see this challenge as the perfect stepping stone i need to get from low stakes online to the highstakes games in Vegas which is the pipe dream we all have 😃.


Me and other unibet regulars have a discord server where we talk about all things relating to poker for anyone who is looking to improve their game.

link to discord server - https://discord.gg/d8MmQmz

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Hey @Causality,

First of all!! Good luck!

I know how to well how it feels to run a small deposit up in a short time and then lose it all again. (On unibet went multiple times from 10-500-10 in just a couple of days :p)

Oh well! guess it's the age and experience (as I'm a young guy like you).

The one tip I can give you (and which works only if you have the right attitude) is to set yourself (weekly) goals, move-up limits (and move-down limits aswell ofcourse) etc etc :)

Hope you can shoot to the stars :)

I see now that the circumstances of ones birth are irrelevant... It is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are.
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Thanks for the support guys I appreciate it :)

Day 1 +€13 

Day 2 +€161

I played the first 2 days of the challenge a couple of days ago which went very well.

Day 1 - I stuck to 10nl winning €13

Day 2 - I upped the stakes playing a lot of the €5-€10 tournaments and cashed in 4 of them. 

Bankroll €274 - Very happy with the great start i had which will allow me to play some higher stake games in the coming days. I will update the blog every 2-3 days and thanks again for following along :)


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@VikingsAF wrote:

move-up limits (and move-down limits aswell ofcourse) etc etc :)


Good luck @Causality .


The problem with moving up and down all the time is that in the end it'll lead to you accumulating all your profit at lower stakes while accumulating all your losses at the higher stakes, which cannot be profitable in the long run. Just some food for thought...

We're gonna win on so many levels! We're gonna win, win, win. You're gonna get so tired of winning, you're gonna say: "Mr. President please, we don't wanna win anymore, it's too much!" And I'm gonna say: "I'm sorry, we're gonna keep winning because we're gonna make America great again!"
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In response to moving up and down stakes I have got smarter each time I went busto and I've struck a nice balance. My two bankroll rules are I try my best to honestly assess whether I'm winning in the game and then ask myself whether I have enough of a bankroll to handle the swings.  I don't play higher than 50nl cash and game select very hard when i play it. I play any game below 25nl because my winrate is high at these stakes and i'm confident in my ability to beat the game. With tournaments I try to play any tournament within 50-100 buy ins depending on the difficulty and my available bankroll. These are my unibet results for cash I've sent an email to get my tournament results and will post them when I get them :). 

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The point of moving up and down is that you learn how to beat the higher stake without losing too much.

Let's say you have 4NL untill 200 and you drop back at 100. And you do this twice before beating 10NL.

Profit at 4NL = 300 euro

Loss at 10NL = 200 euro (at the beginning of your third try). At this moment you do have experience at 10NL (at a cost of 10 BI, which is worth it IMO)

Let's say you play to 500 euro before moving up again. Dropping down at 250. 

After one run you made 300 euro profit on 10 NL (total =100 euro profit)

Let's say you bust once at 25NL and rebuild at 10NL... then your profit at 10NL is 350 euro > 300 euro at 4NL

Following this kind of swings, once you are at 100 NL your profit per stake will look like this (Limits: 50NL at 1250 and 100 NL at 2500-3000)

4NL = 300
10NL = 350
25NL = 1000
50 NL = 750 (after first run not counting any dropping down from 100 NL, but counting 1 bust at 50 NL)

I think incalculating 1 bust is pretty fair, certainly if you take this kind of ranges. I'm talking about a person who has a good attitude towards self control :p

Ofcourse you can have bigger downswings on a stake, but you can have huge upswings aswell, which make you skip one level without busting, so taking the average is pretty fair.

I see now that the circumstances of ones birth are irrelevant... It is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are.
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Week 1


Week one started great I played well, ran well and within 4 days had a nice 340 bankroll within 4 days. I decided to take a lot of big shots on Sunday as i did the week before which went very well. I loaded up all the tournaments i could between 5-10 as there was a lot of overlay which is always nice. However this was not my day, i lost what felt like every hand forcing me to rebuy a ridiculous amount of times just to bust out later for nothing. I loaded up a 25 tourney as there was 300 in overlay and finished 4 off the money, blood pressure rises 😠. I loaded up 50nl hoping for some justice after that terrible run.


I raised A9o on the button SB calls I bet he min raises i raise back he raises again i call. Pot is 20 he jams 52 on turn i snap call :).0737f01a6357bb6fe3f22cc523c520f4.png83968e6ba59b4ec0f821792b0cf9c8fb.png


I nearly fell off my chair when that Q hit I lost all composure and had to quit to stop the bleeding.


Sunday -180


The next day I had to lower the stakes as my bankroll decreased. I played some tournaments and cash but the downswing continued as I continued to lose pot after pot. My bankroll dipped to 50 leaving me playing 4nl to trying recover. Fortunately i cashed the black hole for 30 putting me back to 80.


Over the next couple days I played 10nl and struggled to get any momentum and i was stuck at the 80 range. I would win 2-3 buy ins several times but would always end up losing it back everytime which was very frustrating. 


I had enough playing cash so I loaded up 20nl banzai and prayed to run good (not good bankroll management). I jammed QTs for 10bb got called by A9o flop Q76 turn A 😠.


I rebought and won all in preflop AKs vs T8s up to 40 now. I then got AK raised to 4 opponent 3bets small to 10.75 i jam he calls with JJ.5a7d50494dad0e64b98b06f1617a0336.pngDown to 40 all hope is lost I'm going to fail for sure :Waterfall:. I couldn’t quit though i loaded up two tables on 20nl banzai with my whole roll on the table. Jammed JJ got called by QTo and doubled up. On the other table i jammed ATo got called by A9o and held. I then got JJ jammed vs an open got called by AKo.:Scared: 66f9417c314b240b6d015155115db579.png

Thanks God I won that hand I finished the week with the bankroll at 125 which I’m happy with as I was very close to going busto and failing the challenge.


This week was crazy and I definitely made a lot of mistakes that caused such insane swings. Firstly I played too high for my bankroll by playing 25 tournaments and 20nl banzai. Losing day after day caused me to play worse and shot take higher stake games out of frustration which i need to improve on in order not to fail. 

Thanks for all the support I'll try to make this weeks swings less insane :).


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Week 2


I started off the week the same as the last with me struggling at 10nl unable to get anything going and slowly bled away 3 buy ins putting me below 100 again.


I was sick of cash games so I played some tournaments and came 3rd in the gorsky for €81. After this I finished off mission 4 which gave me a 10 plo ticket. Despite my limited plo 6 max experience I ran up the ticket to €60.


Now armed with a €220 bankroll it was time for a 25nl shot. I loaded up as many tables as i could putting my whole bankroll across the tables. One table looked particulary good as a fun player had a €100 stack and i was on his direct left. After 3betting him almost every hand for an hour we swapped stacks and i quit up €100.


Over the next couple of days I mostly stuck to tournaments where I ran deep in the gorsky again taking 2nd this time for €95. I played some more 25nl but this time i lost back 2 buy ins. The week closed off with me winning the singularity for €50 putting the bankroll at €400.


After nearly busting last week I'm happy with this weeks progress.

Hopefully the upswing continues :).

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@Causality Gl you crazy fk. 

The PLO ticket you got up to €60 . . . you play aggressive to win that and just get the cards?

I will have the ticket tommorow, a step up from my usual PLO4 , is the 10 usually aggressive tables, how many flops you need to see before the ticket can be cashed ?

Can't wait to take a shot at PLO10


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@Causality ok thanks mate. 

As I say good luck keep us posted. Someone mentioned in a twitch stream last night they went from 100 to 1000 one day, but there BM was as crazy as yours haha, jumping up stakes like a nutter. At least they quit while ahead at 1400. 

300 flops eh,  Bit much for me outside my comfort zone but who knows. 



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Week 3

I played some tournaments in the first few days of the week but unfortunately couldn’t get anything over a min cash in over 15 tournaments dropping the bankroll to around €300. I switched back to cash played 25nl and lost 3 buy ins. I took a tilt shot at 50nl where this hand happens.

I 3bet AKo player calls

Flop AKd5d

I bet ⅓ - he raises pot - I jam - he calls and shows Td7d

Turn blank

River 2d - RIP €100

Down to €180 I went back to tournaments playing mostly €5 tournaments where i got several good cashes.



I also cashed the slot freeroll which gave me 2x 25 euro tickets and after running well in qualifiers i had a lot of tickets to use.

With my balance of tickets i jumped in as many tournaments as i could and got off to a great start getting HU in the €5 deep space.  


Even this cooler couldn’t stop me as I came back and shipped it for €235




As I was playing I got HU in a €5 qualifier for a supernova ticket which i also shipped

completing an absolutely insane day off in style.


I ran extremely well which was nice after running bad earlier in the week. I have €706 and €115 in tickets which is crazy given the terrible start i had this week so hopefully I can keep the good form going.

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I started off losing my supernova ticket close to the bubble with TT vs KK and losing a small amount in tournaments.

I took a look at the big cash games and saw this good looking 400nl game.


So i jumped in once he rebought as this was an oppurtunity i was not going to turn down no matter how big the stakes are.


When hero calls fail 




3bet squeezed got it in on flop and held :Smile:

If i didn’t get that bluff through i would’ve been down to 300 but it worked and i got back to €800 and quit.

I stuck to tournaments after that and went on a gradual upswing with lots of decent cashes of €60-€100 over the next couple days putting the bankroll over €1000 total.

I then played the DaVitsche stream league where i took 2nd place and best sub for 4x €25 tickets and a supernova ticket. I exchanged the supernova ticket for 10x 10 euro supernova qualifiers and I ended up winning 2 supernova tickets. So i have a good oppurtunity to win a good amount with my ticket balance. :)




€270 in tickets


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