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Waiting for verification&withdrawal since 1st of december


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1st of April, is it a joke? 

Well, its december, as you know there are way less working days, so it is not the best month to do first time verification and withdrawal. But if you tag @MarcoV (if he is still w us as a mod), and @JeppeL, they can help you out, or look after it.

But i never ever understand why a complaint should be a first post, i always feel something fishy. Or if it really must be a pissed off comment, you can make it on the polite way, believe me, it will come with the same or even better result. 

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You read all your mails well? You did as they asked?

Unibet is very strict with verifications indeed, but that's only for the good. They do their best to make the platform a safe environment for everyone.

If you did as they asked and you are a fair player, then it will be all fixed very quickly (e.g. I was verified in under 8 hours).

Ofcourse sometimes it can take longer or they forget a case, but then it's best to just contact them directly trough live chat or calls :) (Sometimes it's even better to directly contact the international support instead of your country specific)

Hope this gets fixed soon :) So you can enjoy playing here without any worries :)

I see now that the circumstances of ones birth are irrelevant... It is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are.
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