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Unibet poker problem


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I was playing poker and between my session poker client did start working really buggy, so i did decide to restart it. But from this point everytime i login into poker client my balance is 0€ and also there is no cash tables shown and also no tickets. Same happen if i go into browser client. Is there any way that this problem get fixed? :( I need like 75k points more this year to big milestone. Hope this will not make me unable to achieve this goal.




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The same for me as well.

I was playing at 5 cash tables, then suddenly all tables frooze. (Actually I had KK on flop on 1 of the tables, and on another table I was facing c/r on flop with aces).

I restarted the software, but I received the same screen as you. Then i logged in on my phone, and the same screen welcomed.

I deleted/reinstalled the sostware on my laptop, but still no success.

Seems the issue is on Unibet side.


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It was bad since the last update - no avatars, tile/visibility issues, but at least didn't drop off from the client.

Some error for non-responsive program and have to "end process" 😞

When you are playing 6-9 tables this can be really frustrating, I missed a cash-drop in the morning: was playing all of the 10NL tables at this time and was sit out because of this bug.

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