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Abut Mini games on Bing site


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I playd yesterday on  Blender Blast and every time I get bonus or winn larger winn the messege come that it is no connection. In the end I loose all  my money .

when I was putting money in it ws no problem, no dissconecting those times, but winn ansd get my bonus winns.....problem in the net connection.

I was plying yesterday and it was about 15:45 i start.

I have been your custommer in manny years and put in very much money so I can play, but iff you can not fixed this problem I am going to close  permanenty my account on your  site.

Still Your cutommer

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Select Edit this topic, please dont put out personal info :)

I also think this is Hardware related problem, had it before since it eat a loot of RAM and internet speed, upp\download also your ping is a factor....

Like if you or me have a Bingo room open where I maybe have like 10 boards the side game freeze sometimes...

That is something Unibet should look into....

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That I did not answer is because I have been in hospital for a long time.

Playing did not work is definitely your fault

That I've lost a lot of money do you care about it.

You acknowledge that having the fault was you but no compassion:

freespinns, clean money or similar?

You have also stopped offering free spins as before?

Have my letters been cursed on me ??


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@Mujo111 Sorry to hear about the issues as to why you haven't been able to respond until now, I hope all is well! 
I don't remember hearing about general connection issues from our side on the Bingo mini games and from the looks of it I can only find your report here on the community when you mentioned it back in December.

I certainly care for fixing the issue if there's something that can be done from our end I'll make sure we do so. But a connection is a very specific element as it not something that's on all the time but instead happens in individual rounds. That's why I asked if it was possible to get a screenshot of a specifc round where it happens so we that way can raise it with our technical department.
You mention though, that we have acknowledged this was our fault, but I have to ask who and where this information was given to you as it sounds like I could be missing an important information in regards to the case?

Lastly, I've noticed you post in another language every time while we can only allow English here as the community is for most Unibet most players. If there's a language barrier and you'd prefer something different, I'd be happy to show one of your local agents the case and have them email you in your local language to give better help - just let me know.


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