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Poker client crash problem back after update


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The terrible client crush curse is back with the new update and its worse than before. I updated the client last night 20/12 and it has crashed 6-7 times in a few hours. Now it acculy crashed again while Im writing.

I have play on a PC with latest upgrade of windows ten, when it crash all tables get a black banner over them saying Im disconected, sometimes mayby 1/5 it resolves by it self after a few seconds, almost always timing me out before letting me back in but the other times I have to close the whole client and log in again.

When it happens while Im taking action on the table my action do not go through and it just folds and puts me in sitting out mode.

Last time it was like this were november I think but after you guys fixed it then I have not had any issues.  Hope its fixeble soon :)

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 @triceraatopp I think the poker team will have to do a little bit of investigating on this, it's usually the case when there's a new update. To help them out, would it be possible for you to send your poker log file and dxdiag to contact@unibetcommunity.com ? 

It's described here how to get those, but I know it's a bit technical and not for all - please let me know if it's an issue :)


Former Community Manager
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14 October:

about 22:05 and 23:05
15 October:
first session
about 14:00 and 15:00
second session
about 18:42, 19:32, 20:20, 21:11, 22:14
so about every one hour it crushes, very hard to play
I have to restart client every time crush happens
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yes, but from support they told me to create some dmp file:

"Could you please download a special build from the following link:

In this special build a *.dmp will be created while playing which gives an in-detail overview of what is happening."

but I did as they told me but could not find that dmp file

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