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Wenger leaves the Arsenal after this season. I have mixed feelings. :Haha: :Speechless: :Waterfall:

First of all, the timing is not so great, just before the EL semis, what can save their season. Will this help the team cohesion to win the title? 

Its clear that he cant move forward w the club anymore, should leave about 3-4 years ago, to avoid the shame (?) of the last two campaigns, when they didnt qualify for the CL - first time in the Wenger era. So its really time to go, the squad - i believe - its good enough to compete for the top4 at least.

But even his last seasons were terrible, he completely changed not just a club, but the whole Premier League. Arsenal was always worth to watch. 22 years at one club, incredible. Will be so different from now on - i dont even know (too young for that) how was Arsenal before :Wow:

I am so curious who can replace him, lets remember, MU was so bad for years after SAF`s departure.

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Over all Wenger did very well over the years. I think he was always against spending too much money in transfers and maybe that bit him in the arsene in the long run. But definitely right time to quit, i don´t think he would got gunners in champion form anymore. I would really like to see them win el this season thou, would be sweet farewell :)

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