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Betting for Dummies by Unibet

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Can someone please make a For Dummies Topic about this?

I think from the Basic that almost anyone understand like betting the outcome of a Soccer game (example). Winn\Draw\Loose.

What I would like is a indept explain of how to realy make monney on betting if we want small \ medium\big\super\super mega big Winnings.

What "system" or how to set it up ?

Explained so even a "dummie" like me understand it.

For example, if I compare with (Norsk Tipping...sorry only one I know about) who have a list prepared already of 12 Football Matches in a row.

Guess the 12 correct ann voila Payday :)

Can this be done ?

Please I always like I hope many more than me, will like a real good advice for this, so I can start use my little brain for start some real action on Unibet Sport page XD

Nothing is impossible, the impossible only take some time.
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