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Community Advent Calendar thread 2017


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I had coupon with bigger odds but.....i just see some strange things today. Napoli with slightly weaker squad (Chiriches,Diawara, no Insigne), they probably dont believe that M.City will win at Donetsk, cause they also play with very reserve lineup there. Leipzig with a chance but still they need result in Porto and if Porto go early in the lead it could mean that Leipzig will be unmotivated maybe and lose or draw. So whatever i went safe with this (it will be funny when 1.07 odd will kill this lol 0;4 1;5 for Napoli is probably possible but IMO unlikely).


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Thank you @Santa-Unibet & thank you to the members that put me forward. 

Happy holidays everyone 

P. S. I don't know if it's possible, but can I exchange my FBM for a poker ticket or 2? I'm not much of a betting guy, but poker is a different story & I think I can put poker tickets to much better use. 

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