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Possible improvements

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1.  Change the place of search area  :cattongue: right now its in very visible place but its look quite ugly(for me :P)  imposed on the graphics, could be more to the up/down-right corner of the graphics.

2. Create topic about EURO 2016 on the main site of Community(after EURO 2016 move the topic to the Sports Talks/Football(soccer) section).

3. Left to the "Reply" button could be created a "Quote" button. I know there is an option to quote after you click reply but its makes quote faster + in the future you could quote several users much faster.

4. As mentioned few times before by some others users - private box message

5. There should a thread on the main page called Hot Topics(topics with highest thumps up overall) or thread with promotions which have limited time offer (i missed a both community promotions on Championship League final because i don't see it in time :P ). The perfect place above/under "The Latest Discussions"

6. I feel little misread about thumps up - you can thumps up a post but you cant thumps up  a topic. Thumps up topic not always mean you support the first post

7. I think a post should have a precise "post date" - right now the forum/community is fresh and there's only a "few" posts, the search are quite easy and fast but in the future after official launch, when the user base will grow larger , there could be a little problem with the posts.

 8. Create a topic/thread when you can request/ask Unibet employees about creating new betting market, there could be also a topic where you can debate(with other community users) about what new betting markets you want to see in incoming games. I really sometimes frustrated when i send email every week to open one specific soccer market in Polish Ekstraklasa (sometimes i got it/sometimes not)

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Thank you for all the suggestions! :)

1. Disagree about this. I think the current position of the search is ideal.

2. I understand why you're asking for this, but I'd rather not create a new topic for this, as it fits perfectly under football or betting, and during the championship, I think 95 % of the content will be related to this tournament anyway.

3. I agree, and this is already on my wishlist for the future :)

4. Not sure what you mean by this? There is a PM functionality, which you can use, if you opt-in. When you're not opted in, the team and I can still send you a message, but other users can't. https://www.unibetcommunity.com/t5/Welcome-how-to-s/Private-Message-how-to-enable-and-access/m-p/364#U364

5. Tend to agree about this one, although I don't want too many modules on the frontpage. Will probably try this out soon.

6. That's the way the system is built. Not something we can change.

7. Will look further into this, but I have to say that personally I prefer the way it's currently shown ("One hour ago", "Yesterday" etc.).

8. You can do this in the betting board. However, I think it'll usually be faster to contact our Customer Support :)

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