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Game that was cancelled has not been confirmed as cancelled.


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Hey i placed a bet on the game shown below. On the teams official website it says that the game was cancelled but there has still been no confirmation, and my bet hasnt gone in (it was a part of a bigger bet with more teams and the other bets went in). Can you check this out and see what has happened? Thanks

FSV Luckenwalde - Brandenburger SC Süd 05

Fotball / Treningskamper
10 November 2017 19:30
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Sorry for the late reply, @hederr. The game was indeed cancelled. In this case the following rule applies:

Should the date for an event which has not started yet, be moved not more than 3 full days
prior/following the original date and time previously issued by the governing association, all bets will
stand, even if the new kick off time is more than 36 hours past/previous the original stipulated time. In
case an event which has not started yet, is moved more than a full 3 days, or else, the event has started
and an official result cannot be declared before 36 hours have passed, the bets will be declared void.

In other words - the match isn't set to be played before 19.30 CET tonight so the bet has been voided, as you probably already noticed :)

Congrats on winning the rest of the coupon - well done! 

Former community moderator
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