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Gambling, rise and fall.


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Nothing much to do at the moment so i wanted to tell how my gambling started, where it got and where it is right now....

I have always been quite competetive, adrenaline and excitement junkie. When i was young and teenager, played football, icehockey in teams, did downhill skiing, mountain biking and much more. Broke my bones, teeth, bruised etc.I have always been easily addictive person too. The things i like, its hard to my get away from, good and bad. Probably the main reason i have stayed away from drugs, i think i would be in grave by now otherwise.

Anyways, my gamling begun at the slots in gas stations and in the stores. First few coins, then little bit more and eventually all my weekly money. I guess it was quite stupid because i think i put more in those that i could ever win back. Amounts were not so great, i think it would be around 30 euros in these days but back then it was big money for me. After few years, i think like 1993, Veikkaus, Finnish national lottery company started offer sports betting too. And let me tell you it was awful. The odds were very little and you had to pick at least three matches on one coupon, choices were 1x2 nothing else, no scores, no HT/FT, nothing. Still everyday we sat in the gas station with my friends, drank coffee, smoked cigarettes and tried to figure out winners of the day. I think we got like one or two winnings per month but it felt very good going cash in the coupon next day. In my twentys or so i met this guy and we got friends very fast. He was also in to gambling and playing cards for money too, so everyone can imagine where that led :) I had always played cards too but we did it for fun before that. He knew few people who ran card rings and soon i noticed that i was playing in those like 5 times a week. We started at evening and many times it was morning when we quit. Game was sökö, one variation of poker. Later when online hold em begun, of course i was in to that. And that got me into other online gaming too, BIG TIME.

In a year i had opened probably 50 accounts because many of them had bonus offer for something. Many of them i have never used since, only few remained, Unibet being one of them. It was so easy that you could do it from your sofa and you had always something to play. If there were no sport activities, you could play poker or casino. And i did just that, few times i won like over 10000 euros and lost them in the same day. Went to too big cash games for me or played slot for 50 € per spin. Those kind of money i had never even seen but it didnt feel like real money. And when you had deposited few hundred euros, it didnt feel like you lost more than that. Later that felt otherwise but it was too late then :D Anyways i got carried away little too much at some point and i am happy i could quit in time. I still play all of those games that i mentioned but now i have separate money for gambling and for living. One point i thought i would be millionare by gambling but wisely not anymore. Now it is more excitement based and if it brings few coins with it, its good. 

This is getting so long story if i dont stop now that no one bothers to read this.... May the lesson of the story be, if you win big, or not so big, use the withdraw button before it is too late. You will thank yourself for doing it later :)

And sorry for my crappy english.



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Glad you enjoyed it. There are many stories, good, bad and very bad. I mean i have been in the past without food because i wanted to gamble. Lost relationship because of it. But then again made very nice trips and got some things i wouldt afford without winning. Great highs and lows.

Onething i always remember when we were at the harnish racing competition. The races were held in the different city where we lived back then. About 400 kilometres away. It was three days long and when we woke up in sunday at our hotel room (hangoverish as hell) we started to count what we had money left. We had like 30 euros :D Then i said to my buddy: just remembered, when we left here, we only buyied one way tickets to the bus. I have never seen so white face as his at the moment. And the tickets for back would cost like 70 euros to get to home. Well there was still last races in sunday so we thought, lets get few beers and figure something out. Beers cost about 10 euros and we decided to bet last 20 to bet where you must now first and second horse to finish the line. Otherwise we walk and hitchhike to home. Well luckily we got bet right, won about 100 euros, got the bus tickets and few beer more. I guess never felt so good as the moment we won. So it isnt necessarily the amount you win, it is what it for :D

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