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Verification and withdrawal


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I have withdrawn an amount of money on Thursday 2-11-2017 at around 7:45 AM. I also had to upload my documents for verification as requested by e-mail. I have send in quite some documents, but I have not heard anything since. 

Also not regarding the withdrawal itself, that is on hold for now. The website says they usually send an e-mail with information. I have also not received that one. 

Anyone that can take a look and at least inform me?

Kind regards

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First withdrawal always takes some time. Website rarely sends information via Email regarding these type of things so its best to hop on livechat.

Unibet is notorious for holding onto payments longer than they should so pray for the best.

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Welcome to the community,

I'm very sorry for the missing update @03 from our player safety team. The documents have been approved now and the withdrawal will be processed within the next few hours.

Unfortunately I don't know what the delay was caused by. The guys in the player safety are busy as always but you shouldn't have been waiting almost a week for an update. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Former community moderator
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@MarcoVThank you very much!

This is also why I contacted the unibetcommunity, because I saw that you and Jeppe do a really goob job and are more receptive for questions and better able to communicate with account holders.

Keep up that good work!


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