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4soul BONUS Challenge: From 2765BP to REAL BANKROLL=0000€ ???


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Hello, and preety happy to see everyone prepaired for the Sunday events!

As you may know, i challenged myself (being new recreational player on UNIBET) doing a decent bankroll from 0€ (NOTHING! 0! Nada! Freerollin'!) to "???" , that means 700€ after 3 months :)!!!! I've withdrawed 814$ ( my account it's setup in dollars, that means 704€ for that moment) for buying a CAR in this blog: From 0 to ???

My account now had:



:Heart:14187P ( at  15000 points i will win 5€! ) and 

:Spades: Tickets: €1000GTD Mission October Special and €3000GTD Mission October Special.

With these advantages (and these aren't so much from 0 :Happyshy: )i must build a

REAL BANKROLL with four numbers:0000.00€!!

Let's do this!



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First for all, i must choose the best strategy to have the bonus: i can select a bonus with €25, but my "unidentified" bankroll can't help me with that :D , so better is €5BONUS (with -500BP). I also buy 2 tickets with 1€ entry ( -200BP), 1 banzai ticket with 3€ (-300PB), and one normal ticket on texas holdem with 4€ ( -400PB). So, im splitting my bonus points for these tickets(=1400PB).


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Our experience have argues that we can force a little bit with the things building bankroll. Now we know where we shall register into mtts, what kind of banzai moments helping us or which normal cash tables are profitable for us. On cash for shure, we will use the tickets for constructing points, on mtts tickets we must be tight for doing ITM ( that money allowed us to do other things than only play tournaments) and so on....

We will try also some SNG with 1€ entry ( 2 or 5 players)

From NOW ON our account have this thing:


And also on tables appear the red circle


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First day i laughing so much :)....bad day....only badbeats and coolers!

On tickets cash:


I've lost all the tickets in cash omaha and i bought again one banzai ticket with 200BP and made from him 6.92€, but it require 165 flops left to see untill it will gain me the money! So, i must gathering more :D

On tournaments:


In the 3k€ we resist more time:


The deepest mtt was 100€ Singularity - 5th with 8.13€ win , lost with KK vs AKo , i reraised him shove....and he called with same stack.... A in flop....thats all :(


Played 2 sng with 2 players ( 200BP) , i won one of them, but i tried few texas banzai and lost this amount...bad move from me....but the blood ask for it!:haha:

After all, out account:

:Cash: 8.67€

♣️ Banzai ticket: 6.92€/165 flops needed

❤️ 14327 P

♠️ 962 BP

Out of concentration....out from tables!  But we win our small piece!  unibet-poker-tournaments.jpg.fc86c86248d59daa22c278b5b3241835.jpg






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We just revealed the ticket on banzai, saw all the flops and won some bucks! After all, we dont have no tickets left...

Also, played few cash banzai texas and we hit good:


So brutal game, but i am pretenting to use some other BONUS POINTS if we screw it!

We construct a decent bankroll !




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Hey....my words hearing from me into the house were: don't play today...don't play today..and so on!

AND I PLAYED! i was really tired after the work....and could be fine do not destroy that bankroll boost starting!

I played only cash .....and you can see:


Bankroll: 11.27€


Said the other twin inside me!


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I could't stop playin some banzai....after few glases i was drunk and don't know how i won more bucks and lost few like this situation:


On mtts, was cool today. We played like 12-14 from them (entrance with 1e or 1e+R)




So ,we are fine now! After 5 hours of gambling our bankroll is much safety now.



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So, we receive our first 1€ from bonus:


Our account looks cool. We still have 897BP


AND we are verry happy about the results chart:


From now on: strategies for building!


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Good to hear that you are going well. I'm just getting experience and loosing money. It seems like I lost the inspiration for now. I took one day break and it's good but the poker gods are still mad on me 🆒. Keep going, I'm following you. :rockon:

To err is human, forgive is canine!
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I guess it's the time when you must stay a while away from tables then, @fkingun ! Ure doing good with some fresh air, one out with a dog or a dinner with someone loved ;).GL! Hope for possitive news 😉

Today, we had a break from work, so i could play more than usual ( today was the biggest session from our challenge :D ). Somehow, i made a lot of mistakes and i didn't forgive any s**t about flips, just put the money in....how much there are, like usually....but this can affect my challenge. If everything was normal, i could win more.....but this is our style :D We can combine with positive things :)!

We had our moment of shine...like "wait a minute!" when we saw a limper callin in sb near 35% of his stack the allin from utg2, so with AKo in bb i might be still good, i reshoved to be shure being called:



Nevermind....we had a strong session with more then 14mtts ( with 1e and 1e r a entrance). We didnt step into 2e events yet... thats because we were near 37e bankroll for a while :Secret: -damn banzai!. Anyway, best result in mtts was in the Meteor Shower - 4th place with : 18.05e, hit into aces when we floped one pair ....


On banzai we lost 10-15 flips and after 6 hours we were back in bankroll. Our best result was 1787791515_deepintobvanzibutlostmassive.JPG.d02988f11bc1b979661995f34f4f1c45.JPG



On omaha banzai was sad, best hand was


And we met a tight guy that let us seeing all the board flop fullhoused :P


z'Best strategy for today was to play normal omaha tables for boosting some points in challenges


We have receive the 5e from 15.000 points step, now we have 15942P , we get another 1e from bonus , we are near deblocking anothe 1e. We received the 1000GTD November Mission Special ,  and we are near finishing the Part 4:November Mission and receiving the 4e PLO4 ticket. After this, last part will be for the entrance into the 3k november special freeroll.

Our bankroll is increased: 80.13€



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Today i played only cash and we was down like hell...but that's the best part.....we found a "mine with gold" with almost 30e and we dig it!



This is it! After one week we have the hundred !



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Thanks for support @Pucuri88

I must say that sometimes i lost +15buyins in a row and if you play 4-tabling in a row....so, my personal opinnion is that banzai is the bad thing where you can invest your money from balance! 

Everytime when i have a boost, means i won a mtt....so banzai only amortise some downswings.

A nice strategy is playing SNG, best way to win in steps for shure!

I will request all my results from banzai from 1st august 2017 :D

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Hy all! Yesterday we had the 8th session, we are in the second sunday and we are preety proud of our evolution.

Because or being happy about the workshop that taking part into our job working place, we was today at work untill near 15:00. That means:

- we couldn't play the seria with 10x1e gar 100e with @DaVitsche, or if we do, its incomplete;

-we have a short session of Sunday, because we need to sleep;

-we can't play the Spectrum 5e r a 2000gar.

We played a light 100gar 1e entry with @DaVitsche, we took 6th place with 6e win and after we sleep...

I saw my bankroll 108.47€

After i had started a session that took untill near 2:30 AM....good results! Bad moments, and still positive.

I will update a.s.a.p.

What bankroll do you think we have now?

How big is the 4e ticket omaha plo ticket from part 4. November mission untill now?


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And the results had come: @Pucuri88 my entire profit from august is 58.05e PLO and 40.17e NL from banzai omaha and texas, so all the big results are from tournaments...

Profit/losses 98.23e


SOOOOO, the sunday was full of tables:


As you can see, or not.....our main event was 750e gar with 5e entry.....no results!

Other no results are because of this kind of hands:


I was runner-up after more than 40 minutes on heads-up with him, and call all stack w A3o at my shove w 66:


Other results:


On cash, few hands was remarkable:


And our ticket it's bigger:


The ticket have untill now 17.43e and our bankroll is 137.91e



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Today i played only 1 mtt, 1sng and one 2NL texas table because i had the last day from part4 mission - so, i received the 3000GTD November Mission Special.


Our account details:




We are on 15th november and we just finished all the missions of november, we are sad a little because we didn't have too much missions with BP, to increase that balance ( and to buy a BONUS25€). After around 2000 challenge points we will take the 500BP and our balance in BP will be near 1400.....so our target its 2475BP.

Today we also deblock the entire BONUS5€ , so we are free from bonus and we need to refill that:



We are at the second BONUS5€ , we have now 397BP and ~160€ in balance.

We see that this month the room just "help" us to build bankroll from sngs. We will see if that deserve ( only if we gettin' worst in our normal sessions):


We are updated with all the news, this is it! GL forward :)



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Yeah....was a frustrating moment....i saw onr time 99e into my account when i was still on tables....and i said to myself....wtf i must go on 4 numbers bankroll, not from 3 to 2 .

And now...after 2 serious sessions the things comes better and better. Update soon as i am at the computer.

PS: I started to use the phone application, bad part is that i can't explain with screens the evolutions on it. I can't even see last hand...



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As we said we will update now what we did in last 3 sessions. We had a lot of bad moments AND most of them just didn't saved...because we played so bad....few beers make you feel comfortable looser :D

So, we tried our first flip to Supernova from 1e and we won our first 5e ticket Supernova next stage:gegeg.JPG.fc1076b079b490edaa2ac90fbc6a786c.JPG

On cash we didn't make best moves:


And positive moments:


On mtts we did 2 important fold:1058094785_bestfold.JPG.adca0c5714bdea4905c131923767d994.JPG955866756_weardhand.JPG.3fdc83554356d722cb4ee8b3ddcfe09b.JPGCapture.thumb.JPG.dabf51c00e54f9007e89733ae56b1d41.JPG

Out account looks like this:



About feelings

I feel like i have no motivation, we flip a lot because of that and we don't advance into bankroll.....we need an impulse!

Maybe are the Chrismass prepairing stuffs that inspire to me that "let it be" for a period.

I was so tired everytime when i played. Yesterday for example i was sleeping with the cash tables opened....

If i am sleeping one or two hours before i get installed into the session i cannot sleep untill 3-4AM, another bad thing for our targets.

I did a lot of times strange small sessions on phone: i am at the bathroom - play 2 banzai tables! i am outside with my dog - play 3-4cash tables! i am on my road to home with the buss - play omaha cash! and so on.... THESE microsessions just cover my happy-seating into session on my house computer....

I guess i will put away the application unibet from my phone :D


Next time i will imput to myself session some roools, called MICROROOLZ!

I need some study, or BETTER education about my next session!


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1.Play 10 events mtts within 2e entrance
2.Take the dinner with others: drink a glass with wine, eat some pineapple, small oranges, one apple , one jelly candy and some chocolate.
3.Dont forget to drink watter
4.Make twitch with all the session
5.Cash into minimum 2 mtts!
6.Play some texas banzai tables
7.PLay some omaha banzai tables
8.Take in every break little fresh air!
9.In breaks make some exercises

We did most of the microroolz, we played decent, without big results. We bubbled 3 or 4 times....because i did big mistakes in in late period....


In cash we do well till' we finished the mtts , after was a crappy period! we finished with 166e into account, but we still played some banzai. After 1 hour of playing NL1 we saw 139.44e into account!

Just remembered that the bankroll numbers aren't important YET! We deepply construct! And we need evolution!




SO, we receive the 500BP, we are at the last 1e part from second BONUS5€, on 25k points i will receive 5e

One of my next microroolz is: *Stop the cash in the moment when we are on last mtt and itm!

I will construct best microroolz untill we see results!


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 Play 5 events mtts within 2e entrance
 Play BANZAI: 2xNL,2xPLO
 Play CASH: 2xNL2,2xPL2
 Leave the cash 1by1 when the monitor became full of mtts!
 Take the dinner: fresh fruits, drink water or tea, light eat!
 Take in every break little fresh air and make some exercises!
 Cash into minimum 2 mtts or do a miracle!
 Stop the cash in the moment when we are on last mtt and itm!


Even with the microroolz, i feel that it's something that don't let me feel confortable on my tables....just pretentind that i can win with a large range, and somehow it's one moment that i just s**k and lost everything that i construct untill that crazy moment!

These are the most important moments of the day:


I saw one time my bankroll 82e.....but with all the tables open....so in that moment should have totally not more than 110e into my bankroll.....i got paid in 2 mtts.....minimum into one with ~3e and being third into one omaha 50gar....win 10e.






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