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"Supernova Tickets Centroll" €250 on the way!!


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Guys, sorry for the late notice!!

We will be running some Centrolls giving out a total of €250 worth of €2-tickets. The target tournament is a five ticket (€500) guarantee, one occasion, flip qualifer!

The centrolls will be as following:

"€50 Supernova Tickets Centroll"  today at 20:00CET
"€50 Supernova Tickets Centroll" Friday at 20:00CET
"€50 Supernova Tickets Centroll" Saturday at 20:00CET
"€100 Supernova Tickets Centroll" Sunday at 16:00CET

The target tournament "€500 Supernova Tickets FLIP" will run Sunday at 16:00

Please note that you can only use one of the €2-tickets eventually won, the ticket can not be exchanged for another ticket.

Good luck to all!! 






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