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Self management of tickets


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Would it be possible to allow players to manage their own tickets for a specific ecosystem eg UK Tour or Unibet Open etc to save time and effort for Marco and Jeppe...this could be used in conjunction with @AlexandruDobrin's idea for converting generic tickets into bonus points which could the be converted back to the tickets of choice :wonder:

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Until yesterday I  thought "what a great idea" like the majority here.

Then I had unprecedented situation - didn't receive my...deposit three times in 2 days.

@JeppeL  gratuitously gave me UOS tickets for the value of my first non-proccessed deposit. The problem was that there were not enough qualifiers for the E80 €25 event and I had only one ticket. When I realised there is a chance that I could not win another one I've made two deposits which didn't reach my account as well...

If there was an option to make exchanges by myself I actually could obtain the tickets I need depending on the qualifiers number and my results. And all of this by few clicks instead of bothering the mods and not receiving the desired tickets at the end.

In the past when I was grinding UO sats and didn't get the exchange in time I would miss few tourneys - not a problem at all compared to the UOS situation. Now I was unable to play as intended thus missing great value:

- no €25 add-on

- not having tickets for the nano events 

- dropping to 96th place in the low leaderboard and I will be outranked for sure, instead of gaining pts for the nano and overall ones too.

- playing flip-qualifiers for the lack of normal ones for €2 and €5, just one was left - 20 tickets gtd and I finished 22 :laugh:


I know this is very unusual situation, but some of the problems listed may happen or were experienced by others too.

Implementing ticket exchange similar to the bonus-shop is the ultimate solution which will save time, nerves and money!



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