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Over time I found that the field skill level at 10 NL was overall close to mine or slightly below if there were some recreational players. 

Everything was going great until I sat at the same tables with this guy, the end boss lets call him. He was unbeateable, actually I didn't see any1 at the tables take chips from him unless he decided to go all in on the flop with a strong draw. He was triple barreling OOP everytime I had a slighty weaker hand like top pair and a weak kicker, always checking back when my hand was very strong. He folded the button almost always when I had a monster in the SB, and I think that if you are a reg you should have a pretty wide range in the button. He basicly exploited me so hard that I started to believe that he is able to see the others players cards. 

I know it sounds crazy, you will say, eh another guy that cannot take a bad beat. Trust me I took worst beats than this over time, but this guy was untouchable.

Can any1 from the unibet staff assure me that this kind of exploits are not possible? I can provide the name if any1 has the time to check some hand histories.

EDIT: I want to make it clear, this is not an accusation, this is just a description of how I felt and thought playing today on the tables. If any1 else has the same type of stories share them. :)

Better to be lucky than good.
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