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Quaterfinals picks


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Portugal on penalties, CR7 takes the last one. Boring game...

France easy win, Iceland is good, but maybe overrated since they agreed on an other BREXIT. I know, Hungary played with them, we should beat them easily, but the ref was sleeping in some cases. France has more quality players than the british, and actually they got a man on the bench (Deschamps).

Belgium will make it, even they are not so good as some thinks. If Wales`s defence doesnt make mistake, can control the game, because Wilmots has no idea how to make a tactic, strategy, just put his players on the pitch, and c`mon. But somehow they go through.

Germany-Italy, the klassiker, derby d`Euro. I wish azzuri will win, but this german team so strong as a team and in individuals as well. I had a dream, Hummels`s header will make the difference :smileyhappy:

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@Evarb wrote:

Here are mine quaterfinals picks for euro 2016





What are yours picks, let me know in comments.


Poland - Portugal

Belgium - Wales

Germany - Italy

France - Iceland

This is my favourites to go through , although I cheer on Iceland , I just expect France to win at home . 

I also cheer on Wales and I think they have a good chance against Belgium . 



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