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Breaking into account


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I have a problem. yesterday before midnight someone breaking into my account, and play probably 2 HU sng to give my money to someone else, and than, you probably blocked my account for chipdumping. I want to know if are any possible to get back my account and money? I write on live chat, but thay can't help me because I don't remember secure question, because I sign up my account many years ago and didn't think that I be needed this question (my bad). If there any other metod to veryfy my account, you can send me some code to phone, that I can prove that is my account? You can see that I play most of the time NL4 holdem, and suddenly play two HU for 25euro that is so strange, especialy that I cashout some money this week. That can be prove that I can't give money to someone else so easilly. Can you help me? I really like playing on yours site.


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