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My poker account locked


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Hi, i posted umder the reporting chip dumping post but a new topic probably more appropriate. Hope you guys can help


Unfortunately i have fell foul of the chip dumping terms and conditions i was not aware of. 


I have been a member of unibet for quite a while and played through quite a lot of money on both sportsbook and poker. Poker alias - cheekyfart


I was messing about on poker at sit n go heads up with my sister we were playing in different locations at  low stakes not taking it seriously and not playing properly and try to log in yesterday and my account is disabled.


I apologise if i have breached the terms i wasnt aware of. I have not made any financial gain and other players were not involved as it was heads up. If anything unibet gained on the rake. We were also not dumping free money to each other which seems to be why the rules were created


I would greatly appreciate if my poker account could be unlocked so i can continue being a loyal unibet customer and participate in the great new MTT scehdule. I am now fully aware of the terms and conditions and will not breach them in future.


I have tried to resolve it through email but not getting anywhere fast. I just want to go back to playing poker within the rules, you guys can monitor my account and see i am using i legitimately in future


Keep up the good work guys!

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Yes i now understand that, many other poker sites allow player to player transfers but anyway that wasnt my intention, anyway i made no financial gain and have apologised if i have inadvertently breached terms and conditions. Like i said ive been a unibet customer a long time and bet a significant amount of money and had no intention of cheating anyone.

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@Lukemcdowell, I'm happy to confirm that we have removed the poker block. Your explanation makes perfect sense when looking at the transaction history so luckily the poker team and player safety team didn't see any issue in unblocking poker. Just FYI, we will have to keep poker blocked permanently if we see a similar case in the future :)

Kindly note that we have requested some documents. Please go to "My Account" for further information.

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@NeedAShave wrote:

How is it this guy could play specifically against his sister. I have no idea who I will play when I sit at the heads up tables or the other 5 seat SNG.

Am I missing where you can see the other players already seated?  

@NeedAShave You can't see the other players.And that's one of the good things that Unibet has done, from my point of view.

The only thing i can think about do it is playing HU SNG's at late hours in the night or early hours in the morning, where the players fields at SNG is very low and you have to wait sometimes a few minutes to be seated at a table.So maybe they were talking to each other and just started a SNG at the same time,and of course they will be mosl likely be seated at the same table :)

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