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Account Verification / locked


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I've sent in the requested documents to have my account unlocked. But haven't heard anything back from that team. I've contacted Unibet Customer Service but they weren't able to help. 

Would you be able to help/let me know how long this is going to take?


Alias is: HandShanders

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Hi @HandShanders,

Are you sure there's no email from us, perhaps in your spam folder? From my side it looks like one was sent out on the 15th of this month: The Player Safety department has requested that you please send/upload a selfie picture while holding your ID next to your face. 
I'm sorry that the reopening of your account takes longer than usual, I hope we can have it solved quickly!


Former Community Manager
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Hi Jeppe, 

Thanks for the quick reply!

I did get the email on the 15th. 

Replied on 16 October at 11.45AM (BST) and included a copy of the ID & a picutre of me holding the ID (as requested).

Sent this email to 'documents-uk@unibetsupport.com'.

I could forward a copy to you if that's any good?

Thanks again, 


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