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Yarik_gr's poker adventure.


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Hi all! :happy:

I saw a couple of poker blogs here and decided to start my own one. My name is Yaroslav and I'm playing low-stakes poker for a living. I used to play freerols 2 years ago and for now my average buy-in is 5 euro. "Slow but sure" is my motto. :laugh:

My goals are $670 average monthly profit and I want to build up my bankroll up to $10.000 until 31th of December 2019.

For now my average monthly profit is about $400-500 per month and I will start my journey in Novemver with $3.000 bankroll and also I will withdraw $600 once every three months. To increase my profit I'll start playing 10 euro tournaments and also I think that this little blog will help me to gather my thoughts to approach more seriously to the game. I will try to post my results once a week.

I will play 2-10 euro tournaments / sattelittes and sometimes 4 euro SNG's. Hope that everything will be fine and I will start playing 5-25 euro tournaments after a few months.

Also, I live in Belarus and life is pretty cheap here, so $200 per month are close to average salary in my country. And I'm sorry for my poor English. :happyshy:

I'm happy to hear some advices and questions, but this blog is most likely for me.  The higher the goal, the better the result.

Good luck for you all and I hope we'll meet at the poker tables!

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Hello @yarik_gr!

GL with your goals! I will follow your progress!

I think we met earlier at the tables if your nick is same as here. :) Or maybe in the Community League tournaments.

I play 1€-10€ tournaments and sometimes 2€-4€ sng, so maybe we will meet at the tables. ;)

GL (but not against me :P :D)!

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Day 2: Starting bankroll: $3.173,40 Buy-ins: €42 Profit: -$20.40
Bankroll goal for day 2: $3.044
Current bankroll: $3.153,00

Such a bad day for me. I lost almost all important all-ins with hands which were ahead preflop, so I decided to stop playing because I was close to tilt. But this day was definitely more unlucky for this guy at screenshot. :Laugh:Screenshot_23.png.e25189ce2c0d9e8feda4fe73d6931cfe.png

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Day 3: Starting bankroll: $3.153,00 Buy-ins: €52 Profit: +$31.26
Bankroll goal for day 3: $3.066
Current bankroll: $3.184,26 + 2x €5 Tickets

Not a bad day, but I don't understand why almost every time I go deep there is a crazy chipleader at my table, who pushes almost every hand and call pushes with %90 of hands? Also, I will not count my tickets as buy-in money in my challenge.



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Day 6: Starting bankroll: $3.184,96 Buy-ins: €26 Profit: +$55,16
Bankroll goal for day 6: $3.132
Current bankroll: $3.240,12

There was my birthday on Saturday, so I decided not to play. :Smile: On Sunday I played only two monthly freerolls and use my 2 x €5 tickets for a Nebula, but there was a very lucky day for a guy at my table (take a look at his alias). :Laugh:


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Day 7: Starting bankroll: $3.240,12 Buy-ins: €15 Profit: -$15.37
Bankroll goal for day 7: $3.154
Current bankroll: $3.224,75 + €5 MTT Ticket / 2€ SNG Ticket / 1€ MTT Ticket

Today was one of those days when luck turned away from me from the very beginning of my poker session, so I decided not to play anymore today. I'm not the one who will upset over a couple of bad beats, but sometimes it looks like it's impossible to win today. :Smile:

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Day 8: Starting bankroll: $3.224,75 Buy-ins: €12 Profit: +$0,79
Bankroll goal for day 8: $3.176
Current bankroll: $3.225,54

The saga of run bad continues. It was a third hand of the turney, I believe. On the river opp pushes around 200bb into 20bb pot, but how can I find a fold here? I decided to play tomorrow and if I'll end up my session without profit I'll maybe take a break for the couple of days, because I'm close to tilt now and it's hard for me to play. Of course, I can fall behind the plan, but I still think that a little break will be better for me.


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Day 9: Starting bankroll: $3.225,54 Buy-ins: €78 Profit: -$39,08
Bankroll goal for day 9: $3.198
Current bankroll: $3.186,46

Today was one of the most awful days in my poker history. I went through all the circles of hell (bubble boy with AA, bad beats, suck outs, lost almost all all-ins I dominated preflop, etc.), but the fact I lagged behind the plan is the most disappointing thing for me now. Of cause, when I set a goal I expected that I will make a little less then $670 profit per month for the first couple of months of my challenge. I'm upset a little, but I'm still optimistic. :Smile:

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Day 10: Starting bankroll: $3.186,46 Buy-ins: €31 Profit: +$52,43
Bankroll goal for day 10: $3.220
Current bankroll: $3.238,89 + €25 Ticket / 2x €1 Tickets

Can you believe that I hit 2outer on the river today? :Laugh: I decided not to play tomorrow, but I will come back on Sunday. Also I'm thinking about betting on sport but I don't know for sure yet. Maybe I'll start with a couple of small bets.

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Day 12: Starting bankroll: $3.238,89 Buy-ins: €86 + $24 Profit: +$372,82
Bankroll goal for day 12: $3.264
Current bankroll: $3.611,71

Finally a HUGE win for me! I was close to tilt when I started my session, but Ice Giant saved my day. :Cash: :Cash:

Also I tried some @AndreiBN tennis tips, but I choose the wrong time to start betting and lose a couple of dollars. :Waterfall: I will try again later, maybe betting on sport is not my destiny. :Smile: Anyway, I boosted up my bankroll and now I have a little bit of time to relax.



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@Pucuri88 wrote:

Nice score @yarik_gr! How much bounties you collected?

Do you see any difference between the 5€-10€ KO and the 25€ KO tourneys fields?

Thank you, @Pucuri88 I earned around 40 in bounties.

I have never played 10 KO at Unibet, but it was second time I played €25 KO. I will not say that people play much better than in €5 KOs, I started to feel that the field becomes stronger only when it was close to ITM. But still there were some players who just pushed their hands with 30-40BB pre with A10o. When blinds was at 40/80 level, SB raised me to 240, and I called with 88, flop comes 789 and he just pushed his 7500 chips into 500 chips pot with KK. 😃

I mean, if you are playing €5 MTTs with a nice profit and you have at least 80-100 buy-ins, most likely you will be good at €25 MTTs, you just need to identify bad players and play most hands with them. But still, I won this €25 ticket in €2 satelite and I'm not ready to pay off the whole buy-in for now, because it's a big money in my country and it's hard for me mentally in spite of I have more than 100 buy-ins.

Good luck!

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Day 14: Starting bankroll: $3.611,71 Buy-ins: €26 + $24 Profit: -$34,21
Bankroll goal for day 14: $3.308
Current bankroll: $3.577,50 + €25 Ticket

Haha, I'm still in good vibe given the fact I lose a couple of dollars today. Seems like betting is for sure not for me. :Laugh: I will try again and if I lose some money again, I will start to place $0.10 bets just for fun and I'll see how it goes.


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