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Withdraw request not received money


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Dear sir, as I registered with unibet , I would like to explain my problem with them maybe some one can help me, since 1 year ago I request withdraw of 10500$ to transfer from my unibet account to my banking account but I didn't received anything, I'm mailing them weekly as always they asked me to wait , I have to wait until when!!!!! I feel that they deceive me as someone took my money ( I have all mails between me & unibet support team as always they ask me to wait ) , can you assist me or advice me what I can do to get my money?

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I think you came to the right place to get your issue solved :)

@MarcoV and @JeppeL can put some pressure to the needed teams.

Is there something they still need from you? In what country do you live? Is it your first withdrawal?

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@Mohdmaarouf Thanks a lot for bringing this to our attention, I checked up on it and wow, you've had quite a ride trying to get your withdrawal. I'd apologize for the trouble, but I'm sure you've heard that more than once through other contacts.

I guarantee you that we have no interest in keeping your money and that we're doing our best to get them back on your Unibet account since the withdrawal was denied at the bank. I won't focus on what's happened in the past as we've only just been aware of the case now here on the community, I'll instead focus on what's going to happen from now and for you to get your withdrawal.

So there were two withdrawals, one I believe of $7500 and one for $3000. The one for $7500 we've finally had returned from your bank and once approved from the final department needed, the Payments team will add that money to your Unibet account. The $3000 we're still awaiting to get back from your bank though, but we're doing the process and are in touch with your bank regarding it.
I know you've heard it before, but I kindly ask for just a bit more patience for us to finish this up as the case is being solved.


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