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Why is it that I'm being asked for start up bonuses when trying to login in. I'm allready a user and are not interested in that crap. And why is Unibet taking money from my account reserving them for spinns and then claims that those spinn are for free. Its ❤️♥️❤️ irritating and it s a good way to make me conserder other betting companies.


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Hi @Usrlsk,

We'd like to try and help out and see if your experience using Unibet can improve, because it sure sounds like it :)

About the bonus offers: You're not supposed to see signup offers in the promotion banner and the settings in our cookies is made to prevent this. Did you perhaps delete cookies in your browser(perhaps done automatically by the browser daily), or do you use a private browser or incognito mode in Chrome? Both of these would cause you to be viewed by the site as a new user.

Regarding the free spins: I'm not sure what you mean, that money is being reserved on your account for spins. Is it possible to explain a bit more on how this happens? 


Former Community Manager
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