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henrymorgan's Giveaway: Win a custom avatar!


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@henrymorgan was so kind to offer one of his avatars to the community so we're going to have a flip tournament where you have the chance to walk away with your very own custom avatar!

After reading the ideas in the other thread, we decided to go with @jonny2192's idea about having a flip tournament where you get chips based on your community rank - e.g. Jonny's rank is 22 so he'll have 22 chips for the flip tournament.

How do I participate?
- Post in this thread before Sunday the 22nd at 23:59 CET and you'll receive ticket(s) for the flip tournament we're having on Monday the 23rd at 19:00 CET


You must choose the tickets from the drop-down menu (doesn't work if you just add the tickets by clicking on the "+").


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@MarcoV wrote:

@Livertool wrote:

@MarcoV wrote:

Testing the flip tournament in 15 minutes to see if we can make it a bit more fun :)

Only three chipdumpers registered 🤣

Tikiet ;)

It's the privateflip in the client starting in 5 min :) I'll post in this thread as soon as we know how it works.



Yep and i wanted tikiet just for that :D Don´t put me in avatar raffle/flip, i don´t need it :)

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Count me in. Love the idea. Good luck all :)
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