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Member of the Month - June


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"My mother always said: "be careful what you wish for, because you'll get it, and then people get jealous and try to take it away from you"" - Roger Sterling, Mad Men.

June has been a month of beginnings, beginning of the Euro Football 2016, the Unibet community, and now it's time to introduce our first member of the month.

We're truly happy with the contribution from all of you and it's been a pleasure to see you join in on the fun here at Unibet :) But, tough decisions had to be made and we're happy announcing to you - ladies and gentlemen - that  is the first ever community member of the month!

Besides contributing daily by offering help, advice and a good mood, he also found the time to write a series of how-to post about the poker client, offering a variety of tips and tricks that's guaranteed to help optimize your game and experience as a player on Unibet Poker.

 will get the sought after "Member of the Month" badge, as well as €50 in bonus money and a Unibet trainer jacket - The bonus should be there tomorrow around 18:00 CEt,. Please confirm that the address on your Unibet account is correct and if we can send the jacket there :)

We hope that you'll all keep enjoying the Unibet community, and that you'll find the time to hang out during the summer, even if just a little bit :)


The Unibet Community team

Former Community Manager
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Yeah, that was as surprising as when Hart looked like a fool with that Icelandic ball finding its way beyond him...

I had initially considered propose we rather just call it the jonny2192-award, rather than member of the month--much like some of those American sports award usually are named after some former (in)famous player that best inhabit the criterias of the given award.

Well deserved! Congrats, 

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Thanks for the award :)

Have been enjoying the community, hope it grows and grows and glad to see a lot of peope getting involved.

Tracksuit top to keep my hoodie and tshirt company, is it over the top to wear them all at once?


 The address on my account is fine.

You can exchange UO tickets again all is unicorns and rainbows in Unibet land.
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